Often (part 2)

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"I'll give it to ya no interruption"

She climbed from the passenger seat to the back seat letting her dress ride up exposing her ass. I sighed as I closed my drivers door and opened the rear to next to it. She had already kicked off her heels and put her hair in a ponytail.

"Really Blake? Afraid of a little car fun?" she teased.

I smirked and climbed in with her, she wasted no time in straddling me and attacking my lips. Its been too long, im not even sure why we wasted time going to a restaurant. Either way, my hands instinctively found her waist and pulled her closer to me. Like clockwork she grabbed my left hand and moved it down to her ass. I gave her ass a hard squeeze, and she moaned slightly into my mouth, and started grinding herself on me. Goddamn this girl knows exactly how to move to make me crazy.

I moved both of my hands and placed them at the hem of her dress which was now by her waist. I dragged my hands upward and quickly peeled off her dress leaving her in her bra and thong.

"Never fails." I muttered as I admired her flawless body.

"Something wrong?" she asked mischievously.

"You're so fucking sexy." I breathed out as I trailed kisses from her neck, and to her shoulder.

She slid down to straps of her bra, and I reached back and finished the job for her throwing her bra into the front of my car. She leaned down and kissed me once more as I grabbed both of her boobs kneading them in my hands.

She arched her back in response pushing herself impossibly closer. She reached down to the hem of my shirt and tugged on it signaling that she wanted it off. I took my hands off her boobs and lifted my arms up as far as they could go in my car and let her peel off my shirt.

"You look good." She smiled as she stared down at my abs running her hand across them sending chills up my spine. "lay down," she instructed.

I laid down the best I could, earning a little giggle from her.

"see this is fun, and challenging." She said, as she positioned herself back in the straddling position.

Her lips attached themselves to my neck, and continued down to my torso where she took her time as she unbuckled my belt. She continued to kiss my abs as she rubbed me through my now unbuttoned pants earning a loud groan from me. I felt her smile against my skin as her hands pulled down my pants along with my boxers.

She grabbed my rock hard erection and pumped her hands up and down I threw my head back in a pure state of euphoria. She abruptly stopped and shimmed her half naked self down my body until her face was parallel with my growing hard on. She licked the lip of it, teasing me then slowly lowered her mouth onto it causing another well deserves groan.

She went to work, there was nothing for me to do, but to lay back and enjoy it. Soon thereafter I felt myself closer and closer to coming. I grabbed her head and held it in place and I emptied myself into her mouth. Her eyes bored into mine as she swallowed biting her lip as well.

"get the fuck over here ." I almost growled at her.

She obliged and made her way back up to me, as I sat up I motioned for her to ride me. She rid herself of her underwear and slowly lowered herself onto me. We both threw our heads back in complete pleasure. She started grinding her hips again, causing a feeling only she can produce.

"Mmm, fuck Blake," she quietly moaned out between biting her lips.

I came to a conclusion that if she wasn't yelling, I wasn't fucking her right, so I grabbed her hips and slammed her down.

"Oh my godddddddd," she said much louder.

I latched my lips to her neck while still guiding her up and down at the speed I wanted her at. She continued to grind herself on me causing that friction that drove us both crazy.

"You like that baby?" I asked her, as she moaned loudly

"Mhm," she mumbled, breathing heavily.

"You close baby?" I asked, against her neck as I placed kisses on it.

"So close baby,godddddddd, im so close."

"Ride me like you fucking mean it or you're not coming." I commanded.

She placed her hands on my shoulders for support and started bouncing so hard my entire car was shaking. We once again both threw our heads back mouths gaping open in absolute bliss.

"fuck, oh my fucking goddd. Babe.." she started

"Go ahead beautiful, cum for me." I encouraged her.

Immediately thereafter she buried her head in my neck, biting it as her orgasm ripped through her, she kept riding though, until mine arrive almost immediately after hers. She kept her head buried in my neck as our breathing returned to normal.

"You good?" I asked her after a couple minutes of comfortable silence.

"Yeah," she replied as she looked up at me, kissing me for a moment.

"Round two, your shower." She demanded..

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