You're Beautiful

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His finger tips slowly glide across your stomach and his abs press up against your bare back.You both are wrapped up in the sheets cuddled up.Your legs are tangled with his and you're in a deep sleep.Blake has been up for hours watching you sleep peacefully,but he's getting a little bored being up by himself.He takes a couple of soft jabs at you with his fingers,poking you in every spot that he knew made you jump.You stirred a little and groaned

"Wake up sleeping beauty."

His voice was still a little hoarse which made your body tingle but you are too tired to deal with anyone right now.You grab a pillow and put it on the side of your face

"Leave me alone..",you mumble.

You roll onto your back with the pillow covering your whole face. Blake sits on your waist making sure not to put all of his weight on you.He yanks the pillow off of your face and throws it,you groan and cover your face with your hands.

"Stop it I look hideous."

He peels your hands from your face one by one placing them above your head pinning them gently against the bed.

"No you don't,you look beautiful as always."

"Stop lying."

"Im not lying.",he says while laughing

You pout

"Then why are you laughing?"

"Because its funny how quick you are to put yourself down when you are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life...from your beautiful eyes.."

He leans down,you close your eyes and he kisses your eyelids.Then he kisses each of your cheeks

"..and the way your cheeks swell a little when you blush.."

You blush and Blake points to your cheeks while laughing

"Just like that."

He kisses your nose

"I love the way your nose flares and scrunches when you're angry or frustrated."

You flare your nostrils purposely causing Blake to chuckle

"And not to mention..."

He kisses your lips short but passionately

"..your soft and sweet lips."

Your bottom lip is in between his teeth and he nibbles on it softy.You let out a soft moan.Blake slightly pulls the cover down from your chest exposing your torso but not your bottom half.He plants soft kisses on your stomach outlining your undefined abs with his tongue. His kisses go higher and he kisses your breasts.His fingers go along the curves of your body.

"Your body is so beautiful and curvy .You're so perfect it drives me crazy."

You smile at his comment

He smiles and disappears under the covers with his head going in between your thighs.Before you know it Blake's lips are attached to your clit and a gasp escapes your lips.He sucks hard and circles his tongue around your clit.Your kitty pulses around his tongue as it dances inside your center.You look down and whimper at the sight of him devouring your core.Your fingers get lost in his auburn hair and your back arches when he hits your g-spot with the tip of his tongue.He looks up at you enjoying the sight of you losing control from his tongue and groans against your womanhood loving the taste.The pleasure starts to become overwhelming and you beg him to stop but that just becomes his motivation to keep going.You tried to scoot away almost escaping the wonderful torture but Blake wasn't having it,he grabbed you waist pinning it to the bed and went to work with his tongue.He flicked his tongue aggressively on your now sensitive clit.

"Aah Fuck!"

You grab onto your breasts and pinch the buds biting your lip so hard that you think it might bleed. Blake gives your womanhood a couple more licks before licking his lips and smirking.

"Get on your side.",he says firmly

You turn on your side.He strokes his member for a while,then he grabs your leg pulling it up and against his chest for more access.He rubs the tip of his member against your folds while looking at your body seductively watching you suffer.

"No Teasing Blake,You Started This Shit Now You're Gonna Finish it."

Blake smacks your ass and you squeal

"The more you complain the more im gonna tease,the more you beg the faster i"ll start."

"I don't have time to do th-AH!"

You didn't get to finish your sentence because he slammed himself into you and pulled out rubbing his tip against your entrance again.

"You don't have time for what babe?"

"Please B-blake Im B-begging You Just Fuck M-me Please."

"Well since you asked nicely."

He entered gently and pulled out before ramming back into holding onto your leg roughly.You grab onto the sheets spiting out explicit words as you can feel him in your stomach. Blake throws his head back

"Dammit You're So Tight."

His eyes are basically rolling to the back of his head and he starts to give you deep and long strokes. Scratch marks start to become more visible on your waist and Blake growls as the pleasure starts to become more intense.

"Blake Im..Im Getting C-Close.."

Your tongue runs against the top of your lip and your body becomes tense.Blake's face is red and his breathing is uneven which shows that his climax is almost here.All it took was one stroke and you lost control, you grabbed onto a pillow and bit onto it as hard as you could moaning loudly with tears in your eyes.Watching you moaning and scream,Blake lost control also and grabbed onto your thighs hard digging his fingers into your skin.His climax left him seeing stars and he soon collapses ontop of you but not to the point where he hurt you.You both lay there in sweat breathing heavily.Blake pulls the cover over the both of you and cuddles with you putting his head on your chest.You smile to yourself and play with his hair,wrapping your fingers in his little curls.He tilts his head up so he can look at you.He looks into your eyes for a bit.

"You really are beautiful and I just really needed to show you how beautiful you are."

You smile and bite your lip

"I dont think you've convinced me enough.You might have to show me how beautiful i am again."

"I think i can do that.."

You both disappear under the cover.

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