Do nothing?

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You were standing in Blake's kitchen washing up the dirty dishes. It seemed that you were the only one ever doing work around the house, Blake always excused himself by saying basketball was making him tired. Blake sneaked up behind you, grabbing your waist and planting a soft kiss on your exposed shoulder.
"Back off" You say warning as you were not in the mood for him.
"What'd I do?"Blake asks as you turned around to face him.
"That's the thing. You do nothing around here!"
"Excuse me?, I'm barely ever home to even do anything"
"Blake, that's a damn lie. you've been home for at least a couple hours today, you haven't once tried cleaning up. It's just me and you here, and here I am always cleaning up after you and your friends!"
"My friends only come around once a while. Stop exaggerating"
He was getting you more and more upset.
"Blake, please I'm just asking you to help out around here"
"Growing up, My mom did everything around the house, she cooked, cleaned, worked and still managed to raise me and my brother the right way"
"Blake, we're not in Oklahoma anymore! Clearly your mom didn't raise you right if you think I should be the only one doing work around the house"
"Excuse me?!" Blake said shocked.
"You heard me. Now stop making excuses" You said turning back around to give the dishes attention.
"Don't you dare talk about my mom like that!" Blake exclaimed. You could tell he was getting upset, but your patience was running thin. All you wanted was for him to be more responsible and considerate.
"Whatever", You said rinsing a plate off.
Blake grabbed your arms, pinning them behind you, while shoving your hips into the counter. His mouth was right by your ear, as he begun whispering.
"Don't make me fuck that little attitude out of you"
You tried pulling your arms away from his grip, but he wasn't gonna let you go. He begun roughly kissing the side of your neck, his breath against your neck sending chills down your spine. It was taking every ounce of power you still had to remain upset.
"You're gonna regret talking to me like that" Blake said taking a break from your neck to move to your exposed shoulder.
You hated that he could do these things to you, turning you on to forget why you were even upset.
"Get on your knees, now!" Blake said letting your arms go.
You did as told, letting your knees hit the hard wood floors. Blake didn't waste time pulling his basketball shorts down along with his boxers. His huge cock popped out right in front of your face. He grabbed your hair in to a pony tail and shoved your face in his crotch.
"Suck it"
You opened your mouth, holding his dick as you started working on the tip. You sucked on his cock, feeling it get harder as you bobbed your head up and down his shaft. He grabbed the back of your head making you deep throat him, taking in every inch, making you gag. He didn't seem to care as he now started fucking your face, moving his hips aggresively. Your eyes were watering but you were enjoying seeing him like this. He stopped, now letting you work it. You spit on his cock letting it slide down to his balls. You picked his shaft up moving your hand up and down it, as your tongue started licking away at his balls. His head rolled back as his breathing started getting heavy.
"Fuck" He moaned out. "Get up" He said picking you up by your arms.
You stood up as he slammed you against the counter. You were still fully clothed in your shorts and spaghetti strap tank top. He unbuttoned your shorts and pulled them down your legs, leaving you in your black thong. He ripped your tank top off your body with his bare hands. He slammed his crotch in to yours as his arms went to your back, undoing your bra smoothly with one hand as he sucked on your neck. He threw your bra on the floor along with the rest of your clothes. His large hand cupped your boob squeezing it while growling in your ear. Blake's hand found it's way inside your thong. You started breathing heavy as his index finger rubbed your clit in circles.
"Ohhhh" You moaned out grabbing his arm
He dipped his finger into your soaking tight pussy. He curled it two times and slipped it back out, bringing the finger to your mouth.
"Taste" he commanded
You sucked on his finger, tasting your juices on his thick finger. He turned you around bending you over the counter. You spread your legs as he pulled your thong to the side. He shoved his dick in, not giving you a moment to adjust, as his thick long cock pounded your tight pussy. Blake let out animalistic moans and growls as his pace quickened.
"Fuckkkkkkkkk" You moaned out as your hand tapped against the counter hoping for something to grab on to.
Blake grabbed both of your hands, pinning them against your back as he continued fucking you senseless.
"Say my fucking name" Blake said slapping your ass as hard as he could.
You struggled to find the strength to do as he said. He started pumping slower,so he could whisper in your ear.
"" He said in between hard thrusts.
"Ohhh Blakeeee" You moaned feeling powerless yet loving it.
He let go of your arms, only to pull on your hair, as he thrust his big cock in your dripping pussy.
"Fuckkk, you're gonna make me cum" You shouted.
"Not until I say so" Blake growled, now putting one of your legs on the counter to fuck you in a different position.
He started going deeper, making sure you could feel every inch, as he fucked you harder and faster. Your clit was stimulated with every thrust, driving you crazy. He pulled your arms back, giving himself all the control.
"Blake I Can't!" You shouted.
He slammed into you as hard as he could as you clenched your teeth, trying to hold back from cumming.
"Cum" Blake said.
right on cue you felt your pussy tighten around his cock. You completely let go yelling out a bunch of swears in utter ecstasy. Blake came at the same time, grabbing your hips and filling you with warm cum as he moaned along with you.
Your thong snapped back in place, as Blake pulled out.
Still breathing heavy you turned around facing Blake. "Wow!!, I should get you upset more often"
"Oh, you're funny!" Blake chuckled, pulling you closer to him, and planting a kiss on your forehead.
"Don't ever try me again" Blake warned, with a smirk growing on his face.
I just might, you said to yourself.

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