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You're in the kitchen looking for a healthy snack to eat but you have no luck finding anything that you crave.

You turn around as you hear the door unlocking and smile as you see your

boyfriend walk through the door.


You say as Blake walks threw the door drenched in sweat.He chuckles and closes the door behind him.

"Ew?I don't get a 'Hi babe how was you're day?' I get an 'Ew'.",he says causing you to giggle

He takes off his shoes and throws them to the side of the room.He heads up the stairs,you watch him go up the

stairs and into the bedroom.Soon you hear the shower turn on.

After Blake finishes taking a shower, he comes down in sweats and white v-neck.He grabs the remote from off of the table & plops on the couch right next to you before turning to ESPN.

"Hey I was watching that!"

"Well now we're watching sports so.."

He sticks he tongue out at you which makes you smile and roll your eyes.

His attention goes back to the t.v once more as highlights of basketball games started to show.You look at him for a while,looking at his features.He was so focused on the t.v and you love to see his facial expressions change when a highlight of a dunk or lay-up would appear.Your attention was off of his face and now on his chest,the v- neck that he's wearing is tight on his torso and fits his body perfectly.His defined abs are showing through his shirt amazingly.And his sweats,they're fitted enough for you to see his friend poking threw.You smiled slightly and bite your lip as dirty thoughts popped up in your mind.

Before you know it you're straddling his lap w/ your arms around his neck.

Your lips graze the crease of his neck.

You look up at him to see his reaction but his attention is still on the t.v.You lick from the base of his neck to his ear

& nibble on it.A soft moan escapes his mouth,you kiss along his jawline and stop at his chin.Then you continue on his neck again,licking,sucking,biting on his skin.His moans become deeper when you suck on his sweet spot.Your hand trails down his body and under his shirt,you grab the hem of his shirt and pull it.He takes it off & throws it.

You rub your hand up and down his abs.Your hand goes lower and you rub your hand teasingly against his boner.

His breathing start to become rapid as his face starts to turn slightly red.You rub harder watching as he bites his lip.

"Please,",he begs

"Please what?",you say teasingly

"Stop teasing..I c-can't t-take it."

A smirk starts to take over you face and soon you're untying the string on his sweats and pulling them down.He kicks them off along with his boxers. You take off your shorts,your panties and then you straddle Blake again.You brush your lips against his softly, his tongue grazes your bottom lip asking for an entrance.Your tongues fight for dominance but Blake loses this battle.

Your fingers find their way to his curls

and his hands find their way to your breast.You moan softly into this kiss as his thumbs rub your nubs,flicking, and pinching them softly.You use one of your hands to stroke his member slowly.His bites on your bottom lip and let's out a deep guttural growl.

"Oh God.." he whispers

"Don't stop..Please don't stop.."

You stroke him a little faster causing him to grip the couch cushion so tight that it might tear.His thighs tense up so you decide to stop.His eyes open quickly at the loss of intense pleasure but they shut once you slowly set your-self onto his member.

"Fuck.", he said as he threw his head back

You roll your hips,putting your hands on his chest trying to balance yourself.

Blake runs his finger tips up and down your back while putting his forehead against yours.You start riding him a little faster,moaning and whimpering as his member continuously hit your spot.He gives your bottom a quick smack before leaving scratch marks down your back.

"Faster." he whispered in your ear

You grab onto to his shoulders & ride faster.You can feel yourself getting closer to your peak.

"So so close.", he moans

He gets a grip on your hips and slams you down onto him causing the both of you to cum.

After settling down from your climax,

Blake helps you get off of him but before you know it, your on the couch

with him hovering over you.

"Blake,what are doing?"

"You thought we were finished?"

You continue to look at him with a confused face

"Oh no babe,I'm in control this time.",

he says with a smirk

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