Game Time

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"Ok I think this is good" I said to myself, trying on countless numbers of outfits to wear to my boyfriend Blake's game tonight. Yep, thats right Blake, as in Blake Griffin, LA Clippers Blake. They were playing against the Warriors tonight, well Christmas night to be exact. We've been dating for a few months now, we hit things off pretty well from the start, meeting in a small cafe not to far from where I live. Long story short, The employees of the cafe were running a bit slow.

Blake started off the conversation, and we hit it off immediately since then. Knowing that he was a basketball star, I wasn't really sure what I was getting myself into. We both agreed to go along with the flow, and let whatever happens, happens. So far so good. After making my bedroom a complete mess with clothes everywhere, I finally settled on a Clippers jersey I brought from the gift store inside the arena, a pair of light denim jeans, some white sneakers, and topped it off with a santa clause hat.

I wasn't really into all the fancy wearing heels kind of thing, especially at a sporting event. I like to be as comfortable as possible. 'Perfect' I thought to myself, looking in the mirror. I glanced at the clock, seeing how much time I had left of getting ready. More time had past than I thought, I only had an hour and thirty minutes left before the game started. I rushed, quickly brushing out my hair, knowing that I had no time to flat iron like I originally thought. I carefully put on a bit of makeup, keeping a close watch on the time I let slip before. Checking the clock once again, I had less than an hour left to make it to the game on time. I grabbed my keys and my cell phone, and headed out the door.
I followed the directions of the police officers directing traffic near the Staples Center. "This is a total drag" I sighed out. I drove up a little further, before finally making it into an empty parking spot. "Finally" I said to myself, grabbing the keys from the ignition and making my way towards the arena. I stood in line for a good 20 minutes before getting my ticket scanned and finally headed inside. The exciting screams of the crowd was getting louder as the announcer introduced the Clippers team including the coach. The screaming fans cheering louder than ever for the home team. You could feel the Christmas spirit in the air.

There was a Santa walking around handing out free candy canes and santa hats, Christmas decorations everywhere, and if you listened closely, you can hear Christmas tunes playing all around. Before making my way to my seat, I stopped by the concession stand to get a little to snack on. "These prices never cease to amaze me" a familiar voice said beside me. "Tell me about it" I returned, looking over to see what face matched the voice. It was Chris Paul's wife, Jada and their son Chris Jr. I smiled immediately, Jada and I hugging tightly, and giving little Chris a hi five. "Hey girl, how are you guys?" I asked still smiling.

"We're doing good, how are you? ..Blake said you were coming" she continued. "Yeah, I finally made it ..ran a little bit late" I said moving forward in line. "Really? What happened?" She asked concerned. "Oh nothing girl, just lost track of time that's all." I answered shrugging. "Mommy, I want more popcorn" little Chris whined, tugging on his mothers coat. "We've already had popcorn sweetie, lets get something different." Jada convinced him. Little Chris accepted his mother's offer, brainstorming on what to get instead. "Well can I have skittles?" He questioned.

"Skittles sound good" Jada agreed. It was finally my turn in line to order. Getting my usual popcorn and a soda, waiting for Jada and her son as well. "Soo Elizabeth, how are things with you and Blake" she started off as we walked towards our seats. "Things are going pretty good ya know, just taking it one day at a time." I answered "That's good, he talks so much about you, I'm glad he finally met him a sweet person like yourself." "Aww well thank you, you didn't have to say that" I blushed a bit, stuffing a few popcorns in my mouth. When it comes to someone complimenting me, I get a little awkward.

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