Just a quickie?

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You're six months pregnant and you never been that horny before.it was 2am and you just couldn't sleep so you decided to wake up your boyfriend for a quickie.


"Blakey Boooo"

I nudged her arm lightly then i started pecking his lips, his forhead, his cheeks but he was still asleep so i decided to straddle him and whisper dirty things in his ear hoping that he'll wake up.He finally did.

"Babee, what's w...?"

I cut him off by kissing him passionately while grinding my hips against his now growing member.He grabbed my butt squeezing it roughly leaving his handprint on it.I pulled away and started sucking on his neck leaving love marks.

"Babe...Stop!It's 2 am i have pratice at 8 we can't!"
I pulled away than looked at him while biting my lips. "Blake baby please i'm so fucking horny 24/7 pregnancy is killing me"
I pecked the corner of his lips than continued
"Please I need you" I begged
"I want you..Blake please just a quickie" he sighs
"alright but we gotta make it as quick as possible" He's know on top of me making his way down by kissing every inch of my body making sure no parts are missed.He nibbles on my nipple while pinching the other one then goes down leaving sloppy kisses.he's now between my legs pinning them down just to make sure I won't move. "Babe you're so fucking wet" he smirks then chuckles while admiring my throbbing pussy.he's getting turned on now..i can tell.
"hmmm baby who made you this wet?" I moan loudly making Blake to smirk again "please babe don't tease we gotta make this quick remember"
"I don't give a fuck anymore" he starts rubbing my pussy "but babe" he cut me off
"No!Answer my fucking question or I won't make you come" he's know getting upset "Blake baby you!You made me this wet!" I said raising my voice a bit just to make sure that I'm clear.he smirks against my pussy
"hmm babe me?Just me?Really" Omg he's such an asshole sometimes
"YES" I cry out.
"Please" I beg. And soon I'm gifted with two of his long fingers.He pull them out then puts them back in
"hmm how does that feels" then he adds a third finger making me moan like crazy "ahh babe it feel so fuckin good i'm about to come" than he immediately pulled his fingers out putting them in his mouth teasting my juices.
"you taste so good babe"
"are you fucking ki" he cut me off by thrusting 4 fingers back inside me without saying a word making me come so hard "oh-ooh my good"
"get on your knees" he thrust himself into me without warning "aah babe your too big"I moan loudly
"just fucking take it" then he grabs my hair and pulls my head back giving him more access to fuck me deeper.
"aaah baby I'm about to come" "don't you dare come I'm almost there" I just can't take it anymore I nearly came "babe I can't take it anymore" "than come" he sighs angrily "ahh baby I'm coming" I came so hard moaning like crazy.this was one of the best orgasm I've ever had.and I knew that Blake was about to come soon.after a few more thrust I can feel his member become bigger "aaah babe I'm almost there " "come babe come deep inside me" "aaaaah fuck" I hear him say as he comes hard then lays next to me breathing heavy.he grabs my hand then kisses my knuckles and plays with my fingers then pulls me in a tight hug "that was awesome babe" "yeah you were pretty amazing " we both smirk "I love you" "I love you more and I love this little baby too" he rubbed your small baby bump "but I think we should go back to sleep since it's 3" "Goodnight Blakey boo" you give him a kiss "goodnight baby you gotta sleep cause imma need a quickie before practice."Sure you need" you laugh and both of you fall asleep.

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