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Touch Yourself

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STORY OWNER:blvakesworld.tumblr.com

"Just try it once babe." He pleaded

"No Blake that's weird." I said looking the other way.

Blake has been pushing me to touch myself aka masterbate,ew. It's embarrassing to even talk about.I'd have to admit I do get sexually frustrated when he's on the road but touching myself was never an option to me.

"Why do you want me to try it so badly?" I said raising an eyebrow

"Because I think it's sexy when a girl masterbates,especially while I'm watching.",He said while biting his lip and smiling afterwards

"Okay I'm leaving now."

My cheeks were burning red from embarrassment.I attempt to get up from the couch and go upstairs but Blake grabbed my wrist and pulled me back.Now I'm in between his legs with my back towards him.

"Blake..stop..let me..go.."

I struggled to get my words out as he left butterfly kisses up and down the side of my neck.His right hand was directly on top of mine and he guided them both into my sweatpants.

"I'm going to help you,okay?",he whispered seductively into my ear

I moaned in response.

He placed my index finger onto my clit and circled them gently.

I gasped at how good it felt.Once I got wet enough,he guided my fingers to my slit and into my pussy and then back to my clit massaging it slowly.

"Ah..Fuck Blake.." I moaned

"You like that babe?" He said before sucking on my neck.

I nodded not being able to speak anymore

"When I'm not here,just imagine me..."

He said in a deep sexy voice

"Sucking on your chest..licking on your neck and all the way down to your naval..Imagine me sucking on your sweet spot until you cum over..and over..and over." He said while planting a kiss on my shoulder after every pause.

I shivered and moaned at the thought.My fingers moved more aggressively against my clit without Blake's help.Blake moved his hand away from mine and up to squeeze and tease my breast.I couldn't help but feel a burning sensation in my stomach.

"Imagine me slowly grinding in and out of you and lowly groaning your name..."He bit down on my neck and I moaned.I started to rub my clit even harder.

"Cum for me bae."He said seductively

On command i felt my walls tighten and an amazing sensation in between my legs.


My eyes rolled to the back of my head and my legs became weak.Sweat was dripping down my forehead and I was breathing heavily.

He laid me on the couch and hovered above me before placing his head between my legs.He blew on my very sensitive area making me more wet and licked me clean.Soon I came again which made him lick me dry.When he was done he kissed up my body and once we were eye level he kissed me deeply.He pulled away and smiled.

"How was that?"

"Well..I will definitely be doing that while your on the road." I said while smirking

He just laughed and kissed me again.

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