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Story owner:blvkesworld.tumblr.com

Blake places the laptop and camera on the dresser.He types in a couple things before a visual of the whole room pops up on the screen.With his eyes still glued to the screen he asks you something

"Bae are you sure you wanna do this?"

You lick your lips as you are watching Blake slightly bending over.

"How can a man have such a big ass and look so damn sexy with it?",you thought to yourself.

Watching him walk around in nothing but his Calvin Klein Underwear and no shirt really had you wet down there,and when he would bend down Oh Lawd you just wanted to grab it.



He stands up and turns to look at you staring at his butt

"Were you staring at my butt?"

You look around the room trying not to look at him

"Maybe...Ok yes.I couldn't help it,your ass is just so big and squeezable." you say while giggling

Blake laughs

"Anyways,I was saying are you sure you want to do this sex tape?I mean it could leak "

"If you're smart enough you will keep it between us and not send it to anyone or let anyone use that laptop."

He sighs before respondingbut then he smiles

" Ok.Ready?"


You watch as the red light appears on the camera.You stand up and walk behind Blake,he turns around and looks at you with lust in his eyes.Out of nowhere you aggressively push him up against a wall and he grunts from his back hitting the wall hard.Blake smirks

"Someones a little anxious."

You ignore his comment and run your hands down his body admiring the beautiful details.Your palms go up and down his chiseled chest,you feel his heart beating faster and faster as you continue to explore his body.Your fingertips slowly go over his abs and your lips follow after.You get on your knees before looking up at him seductively while licking your lips.You slowly trace his defined V-line with your tongue and soon you are rewarded with a blissful sigh that escapes his lips.He moans a soft moan when you start leaving trails of light purple love marks from the beginning of his V-line to the base of it.You rub his member through his briefs before pulling them down slowly with your teeth.Once you get rid of the briefs you grab onto his member making him jump

"Fuck!..Your hands are freezing!"

You chuckle stroking him slowly.Your grip on his member gets tighter and his hands form into fists.You lift his member up and you lick from the base to the tip making chills go up and down his spine.

"Oh My God..."

His bottom lip is clenched between his teeth and his eyes fill with lust.Your lips attach to the tip and you suck on it while stroking him.Your tongue swirls around the tip and shaft repeatedly. Blake's breath is caught in his throat and his mouth is in the shape of an "O".As you put his whole member in your mouth,he throws his head back against the wall making a soft thump.As you suck on Blake's member he runs his hands through your hair.His groans are clearly heard throughout the room and his face turns slightly red

"Ughh!Don't Stop Im Almost There."

He says in-between grunts

His right hand gets lost in your hair and he starts to push your head further onto his member.

"Fuck Im Gonn-"

You pull your head back fast and watch him cum and twitch in your hand.His face is flushed and his knees slightly buckle causing you to smirk.You stand up and Blake quickly grabs the back of your head smashing his lips to yours groaning into the kiss.His hand snakes down your back,he grips onto your ass making you moan sexily against his lips.He smiles when he pulls away and kisses up and down your neck.His member becomes stiff against and the lust in his eyes return.You wrap your leg around his waist and put your hands on face bringing it back to yours.You kiss his lips slowly,moaning as he starts grinding against your body.His member starts to rub against your kitty and his hands slide down your body and onto your hips.He grabs his member and starts to massage your clit with the tip

You moan,"Blake please..."

Your breathing starts to get heavy

Blake starts to nibble against your ear and you start to whimper


He finally stops teasing you and slowly enters you.Your teeth sink into his shoulder and you moan deeply.You wrap your other leg around his waist and gasp as his lips take a hold onto your nipple.He licks and sucks your breast,moaning as he is pounding into you.He grabs onto your hips,rolling his hips in different ways hitting your g-spot each and everytime.

"Oh...God..Im Almost There!"

You say clawing his back

"Fuck,me too."

He said with a sexy deep and raspy voice.That was just enough to help you reach your peak.You grabbed onto his curly hair and pull hard as your orgasm takes over your body.


You cursed as you exited your state of euphoria.Blake continues to pound into you so that he could climax.You whispered naughty things into his ear turning him on even more.His body stiffened up before he poured into you.He pounded his fist against the wall and groaned profanities.He let out a deep breath before chuckling.

"Wow..that was.."

"Intense." You said after giggling


Blake pulls put of you and you release both of your legs from his waist.Your knees are a little weak but Blake holds you to keep you from falling.

"I got to admit,that was actually fun."

"See I told you a making a sex tape would be fun." you said with a proud smile

"What are you talking about?I TOLD YOU that making a sex tape would be fun."

You roll your eyes playfully

"Well if you thought it was so fun,how about we make a part 2."

"Seriously?" He said surprised


He throws you onto the bed and runs into the kitchen

"What Are You doing?!?

"Im Getting The Strawberries And Whip Cream.This Part 2 Is Going To Get Really Messy!"

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