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You were asleep in bed with your boyfriend Blake and you had to get ready for work.It was 9:00am and you were already late for work,you get up slowly careful not to wake Blake and decided to take a quick shower.After you finish getting out of the shower you lotion yourself down and put on your bra and panties.You then notice Blake was not in the bed but you didn't have time to look for him and you go in your drawer and look for your work pants then you feel a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist.You turn around and see that it was your boyfriend of course,he gives you a quick peck on the lips and tries to drag you to the bed

You:Baby as much as i would love to get in the bed and cuddle with you i have to go to work I'm already late

Blake:Who cares just call in sick

You:No there's only so many times i can call in sick because you want me to cuddle with you all day

Blake:But it's worth it isn't it

You:Well yes but-


Blake picks you up,you wrap your legs around his waist and he walks to the bed.He lays on the bed and you straddle his waist,he grabs your hands and laces them with his

Blake:Bunny stay with me pleeaassee

He does a puppy dog face that was really cute but you refuse to give in so you unlaced both you and Blake's hands and get off of him

You:No Baby i gotta go to work and your making me extra late

Blake:Then there is no point of going if your really late right

You:*slightly chuckles*Look I'm not going to sit here and argue back in forth about me going to work,I'm going and that's final

You continue to search for your pants and again Blake comes and hugs you from behind and rest his chin on your shoulder while breathing deeply in you neck

Blake:Are you sure you have to go to work?

You:Yes im sure babe

Blake:Bunny are you sure you don't want to stay home with me,and cuddle,eat,and be lazy

"That sounds really amazing actually." You thought

You:*smiles*Hmm tell me more maybe you could change my mind

Blake:We could watch movies and do stuff

You:What kind of stuff are you talking about

Blake:Adult Stuff

You:Would you mind telling me what Adult Stuff means

Blake:Well i can show you better than i can tell you

You:*smirks*Oh really

Blake:*licks lips*Yes really

He unclips your bra and snakes his hand down to your underwear and you try to stop him but he grabs both of your hands with one hand and holds them tight behind your back.


You had to admit it turned you on with how aggressive he was being.He puts his hand in your underwear and puts 2 fingers in you and you squirmed trying to get away from him because the pleasure was too much.He stopped and turned you around,he got on his knees,threw your panties to the side and put your leg on his shoulder and ate you out.He moved his tongue in circles and spelled the alphabet with his tongue inside you.You ran your hands through your hair,you bit your lip and threw you head back because your were about to cum and Blake knew that so he stopped.

You:*frustrated*Why did you stop?

Blake stood up,wiped his mouth and push you against the wall(not hard though) and slowly slide down his boxers.He stared at your face and body taking in your beauty,he then picked you up and you put your legs around his waist and he slowly put you down on his dick.He began to stroke you slowly and he sucked on your bottom lip while doing so,he moved his hips in circles and your held on to his neck and bit on his shoulder lightly.Your back was hitting the wall and moans and groans were all you could hear he started going harder and your walls started to tighten

You:Blake Please Go Faster Im About To Cum

Blake stopped and pulled you to the bed

Blake:Get on the bed and get on your hands and knees

You did as he said and he gripped your hips and slammed inside of you


Curse words were the only words in your vocabulary at the moment.You tried to grab a pillow to bite and squeeze but Blake pulled it away before you could get a hold of it

Blake:Nuh uh

You try to look for something else to grab but there was no use.You moaned and groaned and bit your lip so hard almost to the point where your lip almost started to bleed.He grabbed your hair and pulled it not to hard but not to soft and pounded you harder and went deeper.Tears started to form in your eyes because of the pleasure, you were on the verge of cumming and you guess that Blake knew because he reached his hand to your kitty and rubbed your clit and you had a powerful orgasm which made your vision go blank.Next thing you knew when you got your vision back Blake was next to you catching his breath.

Blake:That was...Amazing

You:I *exhales* Know

Once you gather enough energy to move you sit up and Blake pulls you back down and gets on top of you

Blake:Where are you going

You:Work duh im like 2 hours late

Blake:How about we make you 3 hours late

You*thinks and smiles* Ill take you up on the offer

And you both get under the covers.

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