Birthday Sex

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"Don't need candles and cake // Just need your body to make good // Birthday sex, birthday sex..."

((Takes place in modern day/time but as if they didn't have a game tomorrow. So the team doesn't have to board a plane lol))

We may have won the game, but the night was still young.

The press conference felt like it took ages, but soon afterwards, Blake, DeAndre, Reggie, Chris, and basically the whole team and more headed straight to the club. Reggie and Blake decided to combine their party; but insisted on having twice of everything. Two cakes, twice the drinks, and just about twice the fun.

Blake and I were sitting on a dark red, chic couch with DeAndre and his girl, enjoying our drinks and making jokes. DeAndre's girlfriend even complimented me on my outfit, which boosted my confidence about 75%, seeing as though she was absolutely gorgeous.

Everything was chill until a familiar beat played over the DJ's speakers.

"Aww shit," I said, and smiled as I got up. "Come on. Let's dance."

As soon as I said it, DeAndre hooted and hollared, encouraging Blake to get up, even when he shook his head out of embarrassment. "You know I can't dance."

"Ha," I laughed. "I know that's a lie. Come on. Dance with me, Birthday Boy." I gave him a flirty smile. He rolled his eyes but didn't resist as I took his hand and let him to the floor.

I'm pretty sure everyone took to the dancefloor after hearing this start of this song. We were dancing out of the pure irony of it all; the fact that the DJ is playing Birthday Sex at a birthday party.

Blake and I stopped at least crowded spot of the dancefloor, and I started dancing first. I rolled my hips, and brought my arms above my head as I got into the beat.

Blake came up from behind and grabbed onto my hips, bringing himself closer and joining in their rhythm. I placed my hands on top oh his and guided them up and down as we grinded in sync.

Slowly, i dipped low, and came back up, taking Blake by surprise. "What??" I heard him from behind. I laughed and we kept on dancing.

I tilted my head to the side as I pressed back against him, exposing so much skin. Still keeping rhythm, he leaned over and brought his lips to my neck. We grinded slower than the actual song now, getting real into it. Blake's grip tighten when I rolled my hips a certain way, and I smirked, knowing that I got him going.

Suddenly the music faded out before it was actually finished, and the DJ announced that the cakes were being brought out. I turned and looked up at Blake, who looked slightly dissapointed, but his expression changed as soon as everyone shouted out the words to the Happy BIrthday Song.

I laughed and grabbed his hand and sang along, looking up at him. I laughed again when everyone sang, "Happy Birthdaayy, dear - blreglakgiieee", jumbling up the order of Blake and Reggie's names in the song. He laughed, too, but tightened his grip on my hand.

After the song, we all cheered. Then Reggie went over an proceeded to cut one of the cakes. I stopped Blake from taking a step forward. "I'm not done with you, yet," I told him, and smirked. "As soon as we get home..." i trailed off.

And once we got home, we rushed upstairs, ripping off our clothes. He pressed me against the bedroom door and kissed me, with a hand pawing at my chest. I struggled to find the door handle, but when i did, i pushed the door open, and we came stumbling in.

He picked me up and placed me on the bed, keeping his mouth attached to mine. I tried my best to turn him over on my own, but he helped me trade places.

"Hold on," i said, as i reached for the iPod doc. My iPod was already connected and it took me two seconds to find the song. Birthday Sex came bumping through the speakers. Blake laughed.

"Haha," i leaned forward. "Told you I wasn't done."

He bit his lip and looked up at me as I started to grind against his lap, dancing like how i was before. While he watched, i leaned back and put my weight on it, grinding to the beat once again. He slid his hands up my thighs and held onto my hips. He pressed them down against him harder than how i did on my own and I smiled. I took hold of his hands and placed them on my ass as I leaned forward again. He pressed down on my ass, the way he did before, and he tilted his head back in pleasure. I even made him groan.

I leaned even further and kissed him, pressing everything against him; my bra and panties against his jeans and bare chest. His hands were still on my ass when he gave a hard squeeze, followed by a firm smack. That one made me moan into the kiss, and he smiled, pleased with himself.

He ran his fingers through my hair as I grinded harder against his lap. He let out deep, heavy breaths in between each kiss, with an occasional low groan. From beneath me I felt his abs tighten with every move we made. I was definitely doing it right. And I could feel my reward through his pants.

"Fuck, I can't take it," He gasped, bringing me closer to him. He looked down at our hips and groaned again after seeing my movement. "God- give it to me, noww, babe."

I giggled at him before leaning back to undo his pants. Shit, I did it so well, I made the Birthday Boy beg. <3


When I checked my phone the next morning, all I had were Twitter notifications from the night before, but only one tweet stood out the most...

"" Blake Griffin @blakegriffin32 .

Best. Birthday. Ever.

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