Bestfriends Forever?

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It was around 10:00pm he texted me. My bestfriend Blake. Ive known Blake since college and we both moved out here to l.a due to our careers. Ever since the move we have been closer then ever.

Bg: yn you up?

Yn:yeah whats up?

Bg: Im bored can I come over?"

Yn:"sure, bring some movies though its pretty boring over here too"

Bg: ha its OK well be bored together, and OK"

I made my house presentable, took a shower but left the door unlocked in case he came early. before Blake came not too long after my shower.


"ITS OPEN!" I yelled.

Blake walked in wearing a white shirt, gym shorts, and Jordan slides carrying a bag filled to what it look like to be snacks.yay

"You know you really shouldn't keep your door unlocked" Blake said

"Oh yeah..bite me"I say walking over to him and then staring at the bag.

"What's in the bag?" I said really curious.

" oh yes I'm fine I had kinda of a bad day, some drama but overall I'm good thanks for asking" Blake said sarcastically.

"Oh I'm sorry how was your day? Come sit down" I say in my best apologetic tone.

"I brought both seasons of the chappelle show, some gluten free cookies and chips"

"Are you serious?" I snatched the bag playfully..."gluten free, your such a health freak"

"Well this body isn't going to take care of its self" he said flexing his arms.

"Ew" I say and then walk away only joking of course.

"Whatever, lets watch the DVD"

"OK well we can watch it in my room I don't feel like setting up the DVD player in the living room"

"Lazy" Blake whispered as he started to walk up the stairs.I was right behind so I decided to be a creep.

"Wsssh woooh" I whistle behind him."damn baby you kinda thick, what's up you got a man?" I say trying not to laugh.

I could hear Blake giggle.

" you got some junk in that trunk , can I take a ride?" I say dead on with my dude impersonation.

"Blake just stopped then ran the rest of the way up the stairs to my room screaming.


I almost trip on the last step laughing.

I walk in my room putting the movie in and I flop on my bed.

"So what's up, what's been going on?" I say super excited to have him here.

"Nothing much just drama"

"What something with coach?" I said as a a concerned clippers fan.

He smiled"No, brynn"

"Ugh..what did she do now?"

"My parents want to see Ford, but she wont let them"

"What the fuck why?"

"She said they don't respect her and she not going to have them around her or her son."

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