I'm so proud of you (part 2)

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...I kiss him forcefully after saying that, it was my way of saying I love you too.

We kiss for a long time and I start to feel his large hands roam my body.

"Mmh ...wait" I pull away before we start anything."I need to tell you something" I look him in his eyes.

The look of lust left Blake's face and he seemed very serious."what--whats wrong?".

I start to shake, a little nervous at his reaction to what I'm going to say.

"Babe calm done just tell me" he said rubbing my cheek.

"Um...do-dont you think it would be nice if--" I stopped I started to feel nauseous at what I was going to stay.

"If what babe?" Blake said looking more scared then concerned now.

"If Ford had maybe a little brother or little sister to play with you know when he comes over?" I say immediately putting my head down.

Blake props himself up and starts to smile.

"Are you saying you want to have a baby?" Blake said with a goofy smile.

"We um- kinda already started"I take a deep breath then say it." Blake I'm pregnant"

He gave me a big hug and grabbed my face. "Your gonna be a mommy" tears start to form in his eyes.

"And your going be a daddy ...again" I laugh wiping the small tears from my eyes.

"I know for the third time" his smile turned more sly and he started to lean back a little.

"Third ti- Blake this will only be your second?" I say confused.

"Uh-uh I was always yours" he smiled.

He was so silly, he always knee how to make me laugh.

He comes close to my face.

"Do you realize your mine forever now" he said very serious.

I wrap my arms around his neck. "I always was" I pecked his lips once.

Blake put his hands on my hips and just started to kiss my neck.

I throw my head back because he went straight for my spot.

"Fuck" I whispered out.

"Hey" Blake pulled his head up from the crook of my neck."watch your language around the baby"

I looked at him and just kissed him, this time more intensely.

"mmh" he moaned through the kiss.

I could feel Blake turning me over so that he was on top of me once he was he put his hand in my panties and started to rub.

I start to arch my back at the feeling of his fingers rubbing my now wet pussy.

"Blake don't tease me please just give it" I say basically begging.

"Aw I'm sorry" blake puts his middle finger inside of me and rams it in and out. He comes to my ear and whispers with his hot breath"is that what you want?"

I claw his back at his aggressive and sarcastic ways.

" you know what I fucking want" I say trying to be demanding.

"who do you think your yelling at?"Blake says taking my shirt completely off, and he starts to unbutton his pants.

he throws his pants to the side, and opens my legs real wide."how bad do you want it?"

I stare at him in silence anticipating the moment I felt him.

Blake slowly enters me and put all of himself in with one stroke."oh fuck, baby your so big."

" you can take it" Blake says as he slowly strokes all of himself in and out of me.

Blake starts to go faster with his strokes sounds of gushing and slaps are in the air.

"ahh fuck Blake I'm gonna cum" I shout as a warning for I could feel the sensation in my lower stomach forming.

"Turn around" Blake said with a deep raspy voice. I did as told and got on all fours.

Blake slaps my ass hard before entering me from behind. I bite my lip and grip the pillows to keep me from Cumming.

I start to drip, I was soaking wet at him ramming into me, I couldn't take it.

"Blake can I cum please? "

no response just a slap on the ass."ow" I squealed. Just as I did Blake pulled my hair.

"don't ask me again"he said as close to my ear he could get without hurting me.

they only way I could get him to let me cum is if I make him well... let the games begin.

I close my eyes and let Blake pound me for a well longer before saying."Blake I want to ride you" I moan out.

I could feel Blake slowly take himself out of me.I think to myself now is the chance. I get on top of him and quickly force all of him into me. I put my hands above his hands so all energy given will be on riding him.

I move my hips back and forth rapidly, grinding my body into his.

"babe slow down your gonn-" Blake stopped and threw his head back.

"gonna what baby?" I Hoover my lips over his. I feel Blake hands on my hips and moan at the pain of his nails digging into my hips but the pleasure of riding his dick.

Blake's face was red his breathing was hard and heavy, this made it difficult for me to keep focus.

"FUCKK uhhh" Blake yelled out so manly right as he cum.

I bounced on his dick a few more times before I start to climax Blake sees what I'm doing and rubs my clit to help me.

"ahh BLAKE UHH FUCK ..YES" I cum and lay my head on Blake's chest exhausted.

"that was better then any championship" Blake said with little breath.

I smirk at him " hey no lying around the baby" I smile. We both laugh, I put my head back on Blake's sweaty chest.

"I love you" Blake said i could feel the vibrations from his deep voice.

"I love you more"

I drift away at the thought of him, and how proud I was.

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