His 25th Birthday (Part Two)

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"What am I gonna do." Blake groaned to himself, Hopping out of bed and pacing back and forth, Nothing on his mind but the fact that She may have known about his plan to try to propose to her.

Sure, it had been less than a year since they started dating. But everything between them was always flawless, And she became accustomed to the spotlight faster than expected.

Though she tried to avoid it as much as possible, It was honestly Blake's fault that she was so loved by the cameras. He insisted on buying anything and everything for her that reminded him of her, Or that he thought she'd like. Whenever he got a break from basketball, He'd always take her to fancy restaurants and just show his woman off to the world.

The lady that he was all too lucky and proud to have.

As he tried to pace back and forth for inspiration on what to do in this situation, He tripped over Chaney, Who barked, As Blake fell, Falling into a push up position to avoid hitting the floor.

"Jesus, Blake." You laughed, Blake looking up from his position and towards the bathroom door, Seeing Abigail wrapped in a towel, Her hair wrapped up by one as well, Blake smiling, As she made her way to her closet on the other side of the room.

Chaney licked his legs, As Blake groaned, The dog smiling as best as a dog could smile.

"Chaney here, Got in my way. Nearly broke the nose of my beautiful face." Blake spoke, Using his thumb and forefinger to wiggle his nose, y/n laughing as he walked towards, Her standing on the small stool in front of her, So she could reach his face without so much of a struggle.

"And we wouldn't want that, Would we?" You smiled, Taking both sides of his face in either of her hands, Rocking his face back and forth as he smiled, His playful girlfriend making his eyes light up.

"No, we wouldn't. Because my face is what you love." Blake proudly smiled, Y/n frowning, Leaving him confused.

"As corny as it may sound, Your face isn't what made me fall in love with you, Blake. It was your awkwardness, funniness, And the way you were always so upfront with people about things. It's what made me attracted to you. But your face is quite a nice attribute."

All their awkwardness from nearly 30 minutes ago seemed to be forgotten as Blake leaned down and caught her soft lips between those of his own, A bright smile forming on his face as he wrapped his arms around her petite waist, Lips pulling in and pulling out 90% of the time, Her doing the same the other 10%.

"You're so amazing." He randomly spoke, Feeling heat rise to her cheeks once more at his compliment.

"And you're perfect." She smiled, Standing on her toes to run her fingers through his curls, Though she was already on a stool.

"God, You make me seem like a giant." Blake laughed, Crouching down so she could gain easier access.

"You're Six foot ten and I'm Five feet even...Baby, You ARE a giant in my eyes." Abigail laughed, Blake groaning, Quickly grabbing her by the waist, Holding her in the air so that she was eye level to him, Ignore her shrieks that he loved so much.

"Well this giant would like for his beautiful girlfriend to either, A, Hurry and get dressed so she can come and enjoy the beautiful breakfast I plan to whip up for her; Or option B, She can get dressed and we can go down to any breakfast joint of her choice." Blake smiled, as y/n put on a thinking face, As he chuckled softly.

"Orrrrrrrrrr, Blake can chose option C, Get ready so that his lovely girlfriend may take him somewhere special on his birthday; Or option D, y/n and Blake could cook breakfast together and lay around the house for a while, Then let Blake take the lead on the activities for the rest of the time." She suggested, Blake shrugging.

"We put a lot of toughies out there." He whimsically spoke, A smile on both their faces, As they thought.

"How about we...Eat breakfast here and hang out together, Then we go fetch lunch somewhere around noonish to one; Think I'm in the mood for like....Cheeseburgers. After that, I might just let you take me somewhere...Maybe. And depending on how much time is left, I would love to take you out for a birthday dinner." Blake smiled, As She rolled her eyes, A smile on her face.

"But Blakeeeeeee, What if my plan was to take you out to dinner? And either way, It's YOUR birthday, So I should be taking care of you."

"But you see, It's MY birthday, So I should be able to take the lead and do what I want."

She rolled her eyes, Looking unamused.

"Put me down."

"No thank you, Baby girl." Blake beamed, As y/n huffed.

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