I'm Taking Control This Time

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You and Blake are sitting on the couch watching Animal Planet because there's nothing else to watch.Your sitting up with your elbow on the armrest and your head in your hand and Blake is laying down with his legs on your lap,surprisingly his legs aren't as heavy as you think...for now.You both are listening to the narrator saying

Narrator:The male cheetah dominates during mating

You roll your eyes as your hear this

You:Why does the male always have to be dominate why can't the women take control

Blake looks at you

Blake:Because we just are

You clap

You:*clap* *clap* *clap* Great explanation Griffin please forgive me for ever doubting your smartness

Blake sits up and chuckles

Blake:Well im sorry for not giving you an albert einstein answer...alright let me think of why we are more dominate

He say while tapping his chin

Blake:We are stronger

You:Ok give me another reason

Blake:We like to be in control,its in our nature,and we wear the pants in the relationship

You cross your arms and raise your eyebrow

You:It that so


He said getting up.You unexpectantly tackle him,pin his hands above his head,and he looks at you with wide eyes.

Blake:What Are You Do-

You:Shh im being dominant this time

He bites his lip and you attack his neck nipping at his skin leaving purple love bites and he groans softly.You smile against his neck and pull at the hem of his shirt,he sits up and helps you take off his shirt and he lays back down.You leave sloppy kisses down his chest on his pecks.You kiss and lick along his abs and you kiss back up his body.You untie the string off his sweat pants and help him slide them off along with his boxers.You lean down and kiss Blake pulling away sucking on his bottom lip which turned him on very bad.You could tell that he wanted to take control so badly but there was no way you are going to let that happen.You pull your shirt off and unclip your bra,you stand up and take off your pants and your panties.Blake stares at your body in amazement as you straddled him,he really wished he could be the one in charge.You put your hands on his chest and grind slowly teasing him

Blake:God D-drea Stop T-teasing Me J-Just Do It All Ready!!

He says clenching his jaw

You lean down and whisper in his ear

You:You don't seem to like being controlled,you think you could just tease me and do me whenever you want to do me,no not this time I'm in charge

You grind even harder feeling his dick getting harder.He growls he can't get a grip on anything around him since you guys are on the floor and he grabs your thighs and digs his nails into them.It didn't hurt it just turned you on even more.You could tease Blake forever but you decided that he's had enough,you grab his dick and slide him into you slowly he groans and arches his back slightly.You rock slowly on him while having your hands on his chest to support your weight.You pin his hands above his head and start fucking him faster and harder.His eyes rolled to the back of his head as your hips moved in amazing ways making him feel a type of pleasure he's never felt before


You smile and start moving your hips faster and Blake's moans and groans start to get louder.He started matching the rhythm of your hips and he hit your g-spot every time


He moved his hand to your bottom and squeezed it softly and your whimpered which turned into a moan when you felt his thumb rubbing your clit fast.You started to move your body up and down making you and blake's skin clap every time both of your hips met.You felt Blake tense up,you felt a warm feeling in your stomach and your legs start to shake.You both cum and the room is filled with profanity,screams,moans,and groans, and you and blake are holding on to each other tight.You roll off of Blake panting and sweating.You smile recaping what had just happened and Blake is also panting

Blake:That was.....

You:Yeah I know I'm awesome

Blake:*chuckles*Don't get to big headed i still wear the pants in this relationship

You get up and start putting your clothes

You:*smirks*Yeah you say that after i had you moaning my name and screaming like a bitch

And you walk away leaving Blake dumbfounded

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