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His 25th Birthday (Part 4)

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He flipped it over and did his work, Just as the insides, Sausage and various peppers finished cooking.

"One omelet down." Blake laughed, As She emptied her pan's contents onto the eggs circle Blake had created, Him watching to make sure she didn't burn herself.

•12:00 A.M.•

~your Point Of View.~

"Baby, It's getting good! Tell DeAndre he can wait until later!"

Surprisingly, Blake shouted, Cuddled up on the couch, Finding himself infatuated once more with the movie, Charlie St. Cloud.

"Blake's being girly today. He watches Charlie St. Cloud, And he's a different man." I laughed from the kitchen, As I talked on the phone with Blake's best friend, DeAndre Jordan, Who laughed on the other end of the line.

"Well every guy has their sensitive side. Jeez, We don't get one day out of the year where we can just quit the tough man act and be pampered?"

"You know I'm not saying that, De 'Andre. I'm just saying that a girl expects her man to be all macho, All the time. Luckily, I'm no girl, But rather a young woman, So I don't mind my baby having his girly days."

"I'm not!" Blake whined/shouted from the living room, As I laughed, DeAndre hearing Blake, And doing the same.

"What's on top of your head, Baby?" I shouted back, DeAndre instantly catching on, As he laughed loudly.

".....Curls....." Blake muttered, Sounding defeated.

"And curls are for who?" I smiled, As he mocked me.

"Curls are for girls." He groaned, As I laughed with DeAndre.

"I don't wanna hold you and Blake up over there. I know he's gonna kill me later for allowing you to go on like this. Promise you'll call me later and tell me how everything went, though?" DeAndre pleaded, As I smiled.

"Of course, I'll call you as soon as Blake and I get home. Have a good day."

With that, I hung up Blake's phone, Sliding it inside the right pocket of my sweatpants, Going to tend to my giant baby on the couch.

.......Who just happened to be on the couch....Pouting.

"Awwwwwwe. Are you mad, Blakey?" I smiled, As he refused to make eye contact with me.

"Nah." He quietly spoke, As I smiled softly, Standing in front of him, And slowly pulling the blanket off of him, Leaning his knees away from his chest slightly, So that I could fit in the small space in the crook of his knees and chest.

I sat down, Pulling the blanket back over us, Blake's heart beating fast against me.

I wanted to tease him about it, And make him blush, But I decided against it.

"I'm sorry, Love. I love you, I love you, I love you." I smiled, Making Blake do the same, And surprisingly blush.

"I know, I know, Baby girl. I'm acting like such a wimp. You know how Charlie St. Cloud gets me." Blake smiled.

"But I don't mind. And you know my joke about the curls is simply that. A joke. Curls are for both men and women. I could have swore to you that Adam had curls, baby, and he was made before Eve."

Blake burst out in hysterical laughter, As I cuddled close to him, His hands slowing their way up my shirt, Grabbing my upper hip, And pulling me close to him. My lips automatically meeting his.

But before we took it too far, I jumped out of his lap, Off the couch, And up the stairs.

"I'll race you to the shower!" I shouted, Blake laughing and following me, As tried to remember where our bedroom was in his extremely large, new house.

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