His 25th Birthday (Part Three)

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"Awwwwwwe, baby are you upset?"

"I'm just upset that you won't let me plan out your birthday for you. You give me all these amazing things and gifts all the time. Why can't I just get one day to treat you like the prince that you are?" She sighed, Grabbing her "Los Angeles Basketball" shirt that matched Blake's, As well as black sweat pants that matched his.

"Y/nn....Baby....." Blake quietly spoke, Standing up and turning her around, A sad look on both their faces.

"I'm sorry. But you know when I give you things, It's just because I love you. I don't expect a dime in return. And if it means that much to you, I'll let you plan my 26th birthday. I swear." Blake smiled, she hesitantly gave up a smiley pout, Looking up at her giant boyfriend.

"You prooooomise?" She pouted, Blake letting out a manly squeal inside of his brain, Due to the cuteness of his short term girlfriend.

"I promise baby, On everything I love." Blake whispered.

"Fine, Sweetheart. We can do what you want."

•10:00 A.M.•

"Okay, Okay. Ten o'clock on the dot, Let the day begin." Blake smiled, Turning on two burners on the stove, Going straight towards the refrigerator, Pulling out eggs, bacon, and peppers all at once, Making me smile at him.

"You're so stronggggggg." She smiled, From her seat on top of the counter, Where Blake had placed her after he carried her down the stairs.

"That's cause Daddy works out, baby girl." Blake laughed, Placing everything on the counter next to her, As she looked at it all.

"And what exactly do you plan on making, Blake?"

"I was thinking along the lines of like...Packed omelets and mashed potatoes. I'm having birthday cravings that can't be controlled."

"Mashed potatoes for breakfast, Blake?" She smiled, Blake placing his hands on her thighs, Leaning forward to kiss the very tip of her nose.

"Your boyfriend's having crazy cravings today." Blake laughed, As She giggled, Laughing, Leaning up and meeting his lips softly.

"On his very special day," she started, With a smile, "But what he wants, He gets."

You leaned over and grabbed the eggs, Blake reaching above Her head to grab a large bowl.

"We eat like pigs, baby. Who on earth uses that large of a bowl for two people to eat eggs?"

"You don't have to sugarcoat it, Baby. I know you think I'm the pig; But a man my size has to chow down, Sweetheart." Blake smiled, As they cracked the eggs, 15 in total, Deciding that they'd make 3 omelets in total, Each of them getting a whole, Then they would split the third one on half; Or at least that was plan. She would probably cut it into 1/3 and 2/3 pieces, Giving the bigger half to Blake. But that's just how she was. She was always looking out for him and putting him first.

"And nowhere in the bible did Jesus ever say that was so wrong." She smiled, Blake laughing.

"You're smart. And the way you whisk eggs is adorable." He laughed, Sprinkling salt into the bowl, Then a small bit of pepper, Taking towards the stove, Pouring a small bit into a large skillet.

"Blake." She laughed, Blake turning his attention from the pan, And back towards his lovely girlfriend.

"Yes, Love of my life?"

"I need a little help getting down. You know you made sure to have high counters."

"Sorry, Baby girl. I forget." Blake smiled, Running over to y/n and helping her down, A smile on her face, As they both walked back towards the oven, You making the insides of the omelet, Blake trying not to burn the eggs.

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