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Story owner:@thefinestone

"DJ, when did you get all big and strong?" you laughed. DJ took another sip of his drink, held his arm up and flexed his arm. "Girl, I've been this strong! You ain't know?" His teammates laughed at him. Chris Paul shook his head. "I don't how you deal with him" you said to him. All the men started laughing again, and you enjoyed just having a good time with them. You felt some one grasp your arm. "We're leaving" Blake said, pulling you away. When you got out to the parking lot, you snatched your arm away from him. "Blake! What the fuck are you doing pulling me out there like that?!" He didn't answer your question. "You think its okay, to just flirt and mess around with my teammates?!" he maintained. "Flirting? You really think I was flirting with them?" "I don't think, I know yn!" he boomed. You went and got in the car. You were done arguing with him tonight. To know that he didn't trust you, made you highly upset. Whenever he went to an away game you had to trust him, why couldn't he do the same? Blake flopped inside the front seat of the gray Mercedes and drove home.

His hands gripped the wheel as he pulled into the long driveway. "Must think I'm fucking stupid or something" he mumbled. "I'm done with having this conversation with you" you concluded as he pulled up to the house. You hopped out the car, before he could say two more words. "Don't fucking walk away from me!" he yelled. You opened the door and stomped inside the house. "You don't tell me what to do!" You got into your bedroom and took off your earrings. You went to leave the room again once you saw Blake walk in. But he stood guarding the door. "Let me through." "No." Both of you held an angry glare on each other. "You're mine yn, no one else's." Blake pushed you against the wall roughly and groped your body. "You understand?" You nodded, and he attacked your lips. He ran his hands down your back and through your hair. Suddenly, he lifted you up, threw you onto the bed and ripped all your clothes off. He pulled your underwear off roughly. You whimpered slightly as he dug two fingers into you. He had never been this rough before. Your breath sharpened. "Don't make any fucking noise." You bit down on your lip.

"Tonight, I'm going to show you who you belong to."

He twisted his digits around in you. Your hand crept a hand down to rub your clit, but Blake slapped it away. You wanted pleasure. You sighed in annoyance and he removed his fingers. "You got an attitude?" You shook your head, furiously. "No." "No, what?!" "No, sir." Blake stuffed three fingers inside you, whilst pulling out his own hardening member out of his sweats. Your breath got caught in your throat. A warm feeling began to build higher in your core, you knew you were almost there with his fingers making scissoring motions inside you. Just as you were about to cum, he pulled his wet fingers out. Then he shoved his fingers back in, licked your clit, and pulled out. He was teasing again. 'This is what I get for 'flirting' you thought. "What do you want me to do to you?" he asked. An arrogant smirk on his lips. "Fuck me" you said inaudible. "What? I couldn't hear you." You spoke up a little louder. "Fuck me" you said a little louder. "You want me to what?" "Babe , I want you to fuck me!" He thrust himself into you and began to fuck you viciously. Tears came to your eyes, it hurt, but it felt so good. Pain is pleasure. "What's my name yn?" you bit your lip. "I said what's my name?" You still didn't answer, and he pulled out of you.

"What don't do that" you whimpered. He grabbed a clump of your hair, his warm breath against your ear. "What is it?" "Blake fucking Griffin!" you yelled. He turned you around and forced your onto your knees and elbows, while he drove into you from behind, fucking you doggy style. His savage thrusts were getting to you. His hand slid down and massaged you bed. Your arousal meter went up another level. "Blake!" He pinched your nipple with his finger. "That's it scream my name!" "Blake! Uh, fuck me! Harder!" you yelled. Sweat stuck pieces of hair to your forehead, and your throat hurt like hell, but you kept yelling. You both reached your high within seconds of each other. "You're mine" he repeated, "all mine".

Originally not a Blake Griffin fanfic.

Hope u like it guys xx LOVE

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