His 25th Birthday (Part One)

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"I don't understand why you're not excited." I laughed, Running my fingers through his curls, Chest pressed against his side.

"Because this means I'm getting old," Blake groaned, Sticking his tongue out as well.

"24 was a great age." He sighed, As I smiled, Closing my eyes, Still massaging his curls softly.

"Well, I promise that 25 will be an even better one, Blake." I chuckled, Him wrapping his large arm around my waist, Pulling me impossibly closer.

"Especially when you're by my side," He spoke, Hiding his face in the crook of my neck, Then smiling.

"Hopefully for the rest of my life."

"You're such a sweetheart." I giggled, Him kissing behind my ear softly.

"Only for you, Baby girl." He yawned, As I pushed him away from me, Laughing.

"You just yawned all over me, Blake. I didn't know we were that close yet!" You laughed, As he rolled his eyes.

"It's been seven months, six days and 9 hours ago since I asked you to be mine...I think it's been long enough." Blake smiled to himself, As I shot up, Him instantly becoming worried.

"Y/n You okay?"

"Blake...," I started, Looking over at him.

"You remember exactly how long ago you asked me out?"

"Oh," He blushed, Laying back down on his pillow, Shrugging his shoulders.

"I have to remember the days I loved most in my life. And that was one of them."

I brought my hand up to my heart, Blake smiling at me.

"Baby, That's the sweetest thing you've ever told me." I whispered, As he laughed.

"My big, strong, 6'10 basketball player is such a softie!" I laughed, Squishing his cheeks, As he blushed deeper.

"Babeeee." Blake groaned, As I continued to pinch his cheeks.

"I just can't believe you said that, Baby!" I giggled, Covering his face in light kisses.

"I love yewwwww." Blake smiled, Stroking my cheeks with his thumbs.

"And I love you, Blake Austin Griffin."

I leaned down and kissed his lips softly, Him pulling me closer and closer, Goosebumps forming on my skin from his delicate touches.

He just had that kind of power over me.

Our small lovey dovey session was interrupted by Blake's phone vibrating, Showing that he got a text message, Him groaning.

"Give me a sec." He said, Extending his left arm and grabbing his cell phone, Unlocking it, And looking at the message.


-Turn on the TV, lol, we've been caught, Make sure Abigail isn't around! Love you!!! ❤

"He's so gay." Blake muttered with a laugh, Searching for something on the bed.


"Who else." He laughed, "He says to turn on the TV but make sure you don't see it. So close your eyes."

That's one thing I loved about Blake the most. He was always the type of guy who believed that when it came to secrets between boyfriend and girlfriend, It was necessary to tell the other everything for it to work. So I put all my trust in the world in him.

"No thanks." I smiled, As he turned on the TV, Shrugging his shoulders, It being on the NBA channel as it usually is.

"This just in, Blake Griffin, 25 as of today, And Chris Paul were seen ring shopping last night? Yes, Ladies and Gentleman, Ring shopping. But who for? Since Chris Paul and his lovely wife are already married, Does it mean that Blake and his girlfriend of seven months, Abigail, Are ready to tie the knot? We all know that we're more than excited for a Griffin wedding. Let's see if he can plan a wedding as good as he plays basketball?"

Blake hid a pillow over his face, A hot blush coming over my face.

We stood in silence for a few minutes, a pillow still covering his face, Me still awkwardly blushing, Feeling like all the heat rushing to my cheeks would make me pass out.

After around 5 minutes, I decided to break the silence, Like always.

"I'm gonna go...Take a shower. I'll be out soon."

"You do that, baby," His weird motivational tone making me smile, And I was secretly glad he couldn't see it.

"I love yewwwww." He whined, As I walked towards him, Lifting the pillow slightly and kissing his forehead.

"I love you, too." I whispered, Going into the shower, Closing the door, Thinking about what happened.

~3rd Person.~

"My gosh." Blake nearly shouted, Unlocking his phone and calling Chris.

"Blake? Did you see it? Camera's love creeping."

"Yeah, I saw it and so did Y/n."

"I gave you a warning, Don't be mad at me."

"I'm not mad at you, Chris. It's one of those situations where I'm so mad that I don't know who to be mad at."

"Is She suspicious?"

"I'm not quite sure. After it went off, I covered my face with pillow and she just stood on the other side of the room, Staring at me."

"Well dang. Are you just gonna come clean?"

"You're not helping me!" Blake shouted, Hanging up his phone on his best friend.

Eh, He'd apologized to him later.

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