It's Time

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"Blake's on his way up," my best friend Emily informed over her end of the phone call, "You ready?"

"Taking one last glance at myself in the mirror before me, I pulled at the ends of the sexy lingerie Em bought for me the second after I told her Blake and I were together-typical best friend move-and although she bought it for me nearly four months ago, I never put it to much use, except for tonight, that is.

"If my stomach is supposed to feel like it's about to burst right open, then yeah, I was born ready." I teased, although the amount of butterflies increased as I knew Blake was seconds away from knocking on the door and revealing the surprise I had for him.

We've been together for four months so I wasn't understanding why I was this nervous-then I remembered that I was planning on having sex with him which was a pretty big deal if you asked me. I'd always wanted my first time to be special so Emily helped me arrange it (starting with paying for the hotel room I was currently standing in, champagne, candles, rose pedals and just about everything else).

"Just relax Girl," Em cooed, "It'll be perfect and you can thank me later since I know you'll be pretty busy tonight..."

I started to protest before a soft knock came on the door, making me flinch and my hands started to tremble.

"Looks like boy toy is there. Good luck babe." I opened my mouth to say something but she hung up.

Reaching for my robe I quickly put it on and tied it at my middle before rushing over to answer the door, trying my best to smile as if nothing was up so Blake wouldn't notice.

"Hey baby," he smiled warmly before taking my chin between his index finger and thumb and planting a sweet kiss to my lips. Oh boy if only he knew what he was in for.

Pulling back, he licked his lips, something he did a lot when he kissed me whenever I had lip gloss on. "Mmm, what is that? Cherry?"

Smiling lightly, I nodded, noticing a small smirk tug on the corner of Blake's lips. "I like it." He whispered while taking a strand of my hair and tucking the stray curl back in place.

God he looked good. He wore a black leather jacket over a black v-neck and his pants hung lazily off his hips, his hair completely untamed and sexy as a few strands fell over his forehead and into his eyes, totally giving off the whole bad boy look.

"Em made reservations at the restaurant at ten; we were all going to head to the club at around twelve and come back and crash here until we leave for our flight tomorrow morning. She went to pick up Tyler...and I'm guessing you aren't ready..." Justin trailed off as he eyed my robe.

Nice cover Em.

"Uh yeah, I just got out of the shower," I lied, "Give me a sec to get changed? It'll take two seconds." I smiled before pecking him. He smiled while nodding and lightly tapping me on my butt, making me giggle.

Speed walking to the bedroom, I closed the door behind me and sighed heavily. This was really about to happen. I made sure to hurry and light just enough candles to bathe the room in a soft glow. Em already placed a ton of rose pedals on the bed and around it and all that was left was for Blake to find lingerie.

I could feel myself trembling as I peeled the robe off and kicked it to the side, leaving me in nothing but a very sexy lace bra that revealed cleavage I didn't even know I had and the matching panties. Em suggested to wear heels too, so I quickly put the ones I knew Blake liked on when there was a knock on the door.

"Ready babe?" Blake's voice was heard at the other side of the door. Taking a deep and shaky breath I stood in the corner next to the door before answering.

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