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Staying at Taylor and Marieka's house for the week with blake had been so fun. But today was the last day before me and blake, went back to california. It was supposed to be a long eventful day. I had just woken up feeling hungry and horny, And blake wasn't helping the situation. He was still asleep, the sheets barely covering him. His thick morning wood was poking from his boxers almost begging for my attention. I licked my lips contemplating what I should do. I knew Taylor and marieka had made plans for us to go out for breakfast this morning, I wouldn't have time for what I wanted. I also did not wanna wake blake. I glanced over at my alarm clock, 8:45, we were supposed to leave at 10. I faced away from blake trying to get another 10 minutes of shut eye, and hoping this desperate feeling would go away. My plan failed, this was the horniest I had ever been. I turned towards blake, peeling back the covers for another little look at his perfectly sized dick. I needed it so bad, I whispered blakes name hoping he'd wake up, but he didn't. I thought of another way of getting him up. I leaned it towards blake's waist, and then placed my hand in his boxers, fully reveiling his cock through the slit in his boxers. I placed two hands at the base of his shaft, and slowly, moved them up and down, I felt blake twitch, but he was still asleep. I kept working my hands on him, and hovering my face in his crotch I started licking the very tip of his cock, then with just one hand around him, I begun using my mouth. Swirling my tongue at the tip, licking up his length, Then taking half of him,and slowly popping it out. It was becoming a beautiful rythmatic pattern. Swirling, sucking then popping him out, I felt myself getting wetter and wetter. I heard blake begun letting out little moans and grunts, till he eventually woke up, looking down at me sucking on his cock. "wait wait...what about..-" I cut him off, finish the sentence he struggled to get out "taylor and marieka.. since when are you so practical?, I think we have time". Blake smiled in response and said "then get back to it". He didn't have to tell me twice. I continued sucking, now deep throating him, bobbing my head up and down, I made sure to get as close to the base and back to the tip. I was enjoying the feel of his big dick down my throat. "mm it's so fucking bigg" I said to him, blake grunted and then he placed his large hands through my curly mess of a hair, he grabbed it all in his hand, now controlling the pace I was going at as he begun to buck his hips forward, meeting my mouth. "You're such a fucking dirty freak" blake let out as he begun fucking my face hitting the back of my throat everytime, making me wet with his words, pace and cock. We had now somehow moved to a different position, blake was sat up on the bed, and I was on my knees. I saw as his veins begun to poke out, and his head rolled back, He was close. I tightened my mouth around his width to get him closer, I felt his dick pulse and twitch in my mouth, "fucking swallow it", blake commanded in his hot voice, he pushed my head down on him, and came down my throat, almost making me choke on his sweet yet salty cum. I swallowed his huge load, and opened my mouth wide for him to see it all gone. He smiled surely pleased with the morning head. "how's that for breakfast in bed?" blake said jokingly as he helped me up. I laughed, "actually pretty fucking good". "you know if you were to wake me up like that every morning, I'd never oversleep" blake said. "aha yeah right, but blake we gotta hurry up and get ready!". "But I wanna make you feel, as good as you made me feel" blake whispered in my ear. "Oh blake, don't do this to me. We made plans, besides I get pleasure from pleasing you."I said to him. "You know, when you say things like that it drives me crazy", blake said placing his hand on my upper thigh, and beginning to trace on it. "We can't, we made plans, i'll stay frusterated during breakfast, now let's go!" I said removing his hand, fixing my pajama shorts. Blake put on a robe, and followed me toward the door, mumbling about how practical I always am. Stepping out into the hall I saw Taylor coming up the steps. "You know we would still take you guys out for breakfast, but judging by the noises that were just coming from your room, and how disheveled you guys appear, it looks like you already had Breakfast in Bed", Taylor begun laughing at his own joke, as blake playfully slapped him, trying to save the day by saying "or maybe we just woke up", looking at me for approval/back up I just stood back embarressed.

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