Dive in (Ray Ray)

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Lawwwd I know I'm taking forever to update, but I'm trying to do better lol. I promise to update twice a week loves!!! Enjoy!! (Tumblr Imagine)


Ray Ray POV:

I progressed into the house from the garage door, another day at the studio finally complete. I dropped my car keys into the bowl in the kitchen. Just as I was about to retrieve a cold bottle of beer from the refrigerator, a murmur from upstairs interrupted my advancement.

My brows furrowed as the noise grew louder. It sounded like moaning. Only then did I notice that Y/N didn't hadn't met me down for her usual greeting when I returned home. I briefly thought the sultry noises were being caused by some man other than me, but I only heard her, so it was unlikely there was a humanly patron to her evoke the sounds.

Forgetting about my cool beverage, I preambulated into the hallway and began climbing the stairs. The voice of my girlfriend grew louder with each step. A golden light deluged from our bedroom, and the moans of pleasure was evident.

I slowly pushed open the door and peeped inside. One of my eyebrows cocked suggestively at the nasty sight.

Y/N was settled on our bedroom's couch. Any other day this would be a normal view. She'd either be reading a book or amusing herself with television, but what she was indulging herself in was something I'd only witnessed once before, and had led to a night where she wasn't allowed out of the bedroom for hours.

Her head was thrown back against the couch's top, a look of oblivious bliss contorting her face. I bit my lip as I watched her toy with herself. Her finger played with her own area, inserting itself inside of her moistened entrance slowly. A deep sigh permeated the air as a particular jab of her finger aroused what looked like an orgasm. She ran her tongue across her top lip and let out a low groan.

The vision of Y/N touching herself awakened what was hidden behind my jeans. She usually conserved herself, even around me, so witnessing her practice such a promiscuous act turned me on highly.

"Damn, babe," I droned, unable to stay content in obscurity any longer. Y/N's eyes shot open. "Oh my God!" she exclaimed when she saw me enter the room. She began to hurriedly reach for her discarded panties and shorts, but I quickly stopped her. "I-I didn't know you were here," she claimed shyly, diverting my ravenous gaze.

"Naw, babe," I halted her from standing, pressing my hand against her shoulder as I made her settle back onto the couch. "That was hot."

Her head dipped in bashfulness, and suddenly becoming aware of her openess, she crossed her legs and attempted to hide herself with her hands. "Uh-uh, girl. Don't be tryna hide this from me," I disapproved, removing her hands from their job. I leisurely uncrossed her legs, taking in the sight of her tastiness. She glanced up at me, anticipating what I had a mind to do.

I took the finger she had been using to pleasure herself, and stuck it inside my mouth. She watched as I discarded the small limb of her sweet juices. "You taste good," I complimented, gaining a blush.

She eyed me as I dropped to my knees. She didn't object when my hands trailed against her thighs enticingly, rather, she seemed to anticipate it.

I gradually spread her legs, her drenched area delectable. I licked my lips before delving into her wetness.

"Ooh, Ray ..." Y/N muttered as my tongue invaded her sensitive womanhood. Her hand grasped my head, guiding me deeper into her dampness. When I was around, she wouldn't have to pleasure herself. I was willing to do anything.

"You like the way I eat your p_ssy?" I inquired nastily, knowing dirty talk turned her on. "Mm, yes baby," she replied, grinding her hips along to the rhythms my tongue produced. She let out a slight yelp when my tongue grazed past a particular area, one she loved and hated being teased with.

I wrapped my lips around her cl_t, sucking its softness as if it was the most delicate thing in the world. "Oh ... God," Y/N fought to proclaim, her head once again thrown back in ecstasy. Her breathing became erratic, and her moaning was making my jeans begin to feel tighter.

"Please," she begged. "I need you now."

That was all she had to say.

Within seconds, I had her naked on the bed. She clawed at my boxers until it was thrown about with the rest of our clothes. My lips connected with hers, my tongue scrambling against hers as my fingers enjoyed her flesh below.

"Damn, you wet," I noticed, her moisture as close to a waterfall on my fingers. I could feel it against my shaft, beckoning for my acquaintance. "You know what to do," she whispered against my lips.

I sure did.

"Bring that body over here," I commanded, my face in the crook of her neck as I grabbed her hips into my hands. I slowly lifted her from off the bed, and drafted inside her, eliciting a loud moan. I wanted to feel the way she flowed, and the look in her eyes signified she wanted to know how good I could swim, but we both knew how I put it down would be no surprise.

I dove in and out of her body, her wet tightness hugging my member tightly. She cursed loudly, her fingernails dragging against my back. Her breath hitched in her throat as I thrust faster. Incoherent yelps and the sound of the headboard colliding with the wall echoed through the room.

Without any direction, I lifted her leg onto my shoulder and went deeper than I ever had, and the sound of her cry only urged me on.

"Yes, Ray! God yes!" Y/N screamed, pulling at my hair so roughly she'd undone my braids. My hair fell into a tangly mess as I refused to slow the pace, even when she began to beg me to. Y/N could only take so much, but she knew how I rolled.

So she just lied there, rolling her hips to meet mine as she allowed me to dive in her alluring swimming pool over and over again.

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