Unusual (RayRay)

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Hey loves!!!! I know i'm late but here's an imagine for y'all. I also did my cover page over, i major in graphic design so if you need one hit me up babies!!!!! Well enough of me talking, enjoy boo bears.

(tumblr imagine)

Ray’s POV

I slowly crept up behind (Y/N) as she stood on the balcony that overlooked the city. She was slowly sipping from a half empty bottle of beer, and her eyes followed cars as they rolled down the street. She glanced over at me, smiling when she recognized my mischievous smirk.

“Hey there,” she said, raising the beer bottle as a greeting.

“Hey,” I muttered.

I stood beside her, watching as she returned to looking back at the cars. Hesitantly, I raised my hands up to her face, tilting her head so that she was looking at me. My eyes ghosted down to her lips and brought her face to mine so that my lips were resting on hers. For a second, she appeared suprised, but she quickly recovered, deepening the kiss.

I pulled the bottle out of her hands, tossing it into the trashcan. She moved her hands to my hair, pulling my face even closer, and I lifted her up so that she was halfway resting on the balcony and halfway being held by me.

“What are you doing?” she asked as my fingers slowly unbuttoned her pants.

“I want to try something different,” I murmured, kissing her earlobe. “We’ve had sex in so many places, but never on a balcony.”

(Y/N) shrugged, appearing unfazed by my answer. I paused, waiting to see if she was going to reject me, but she only pulled me closer, attaching her lips to my neck. Grinning, I slid her shorts off, feeling proud when I noticed she wasn’t wearing underwear. My hands quickly undid my own belt, and I positioned myself in front of her.

“What if the neighbors see us?” she whispered, in between kisses.

My eyes ghosted over to one of the apartments nearby, nonchalantly. “Well, they’ll just have to deal with it.”

I slid inside of her before she could question me again, my hands tightening their grip on her when I felt her wrap her legs around my waist. Her eyes followed mine as I began to slowly thrust, and I watched her tilt her head back, her mouth opening to form a small O. While she began to grind her hips into mine, I slid one hand underneath her shirt to gently cup her breast.

(Y/N)’s yells grew louder as I continued to thrust faster, and I saw an elderly man walking out onto his balcony. He glanced over at us, frowning in disbelief when he saw what we were doing.

“Hey!” he yelled out to us. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing!?”

“Fuck off,” I yelled back, moving so that (Y/N)’s body couldn’t be seen.

The old man covered his eyes, quickly scurrying back inside to prevent himself from witnessing our activity.

I rolled my eyes, returning my gaze back to (Y/N). I began moving faster when I felt myself reaching my climax, and I moved my hips slightly upwards, hitting her G-spot. She screamed out in pleasure, and in a few more strokes, I managed to get her to orgasm. The feeling of her body collasping onto mine sent me into overdrive, and I came only a few strokes later.

“Where’d that old guy go?” (Y/N) asked, peering over my shoulder to peek into his apartment. “Did he call the cops?”

“I don’t know,” I shrugged. “I don’t see the problem with me making love to my beautiful girlfriend.”

“It’s probably just unusual to have sex on a balcony.”

I smiled. “Shit, as long as you don’t fall off, it’s fine.”

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