Baby time (Princeton)

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You and Jacob (Princeton) have been married for 3 years now. Jacob has always wanted kids but you wanted to wait until y'all were stable enough.

Jacob POV:

Today I was finally gonna ask YN for a baby. I always wanted one but she made me wait three years. We both have amazing careers so I don't see a problem. I walked upstairs to our master bedroom and saw YN laying down and watching tv. I slowly walked to her and cut the TV off then climbed on top of her. "Baby can we talk real quick" I said with a hint of nervousness in my voice. I guess she noticed because she replied "Okay?" with a confused look upon her face. I slowly rubbed her thighs and started to speak, "Well you know I always wanted kids and I think we're ready to have a baby". She stared at me for a couple seconds and said, "I think so too Jake". I smiled wide and instantly started ripping her clothes off piece by piece. She pushed my shorts and boxers down and spread her legs wide. I smirked and shoved my dick into her fast. I don't give a fuck about foreplay right now, I'm trying to give her ass triplets. I grabbed the headboard and constantly slammed into her. She repeatedly screamed and cried my name out loud. Yeah, I'm beating that pussy up up up up. I quickly flipped her over and started hitting it for the back. At this point I had her ass speaking in different languages. But then I started to feel a build up and I went even harder, by that time YN already cam twice. I put her on her back again and stared in her eyes. I slowed down and started doing slow yet hard strokes. Not even 15 mins later I cam hard as fuck. My legs gave out and I feel beside her. I smirked and started talking "You defiantly pregnant now ba-" but I looked over and saw she was in a deep sleep. I smiled at my self and cuddled next to her while rubbing her stomach.

I know y'all mad and I'm sorry it took me so long. I found out I might have to have surgery. Yay me right? But I ain't complaining, some people have it worst. BUT I UPDATED *starts twerking* 😂😭VOTE AND COMMENT PWEASE 😜✌️☺️

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