Sex (Roc Royal)

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Hey mindless minions!!! It's Taellor, sorry I haven't been writing lately, just super busy ya know. Buuuut I'm backkkkk *Roc's voice* 😂😂😂 Here's a little teaser for y'all, Enjoy babies!!!

Taellor 💋💋

Roc's POV
"C'mere," I whispered lowly, my fingers hooking through (Y/N)'s belt loops to pull her closer. "I want you."
Her hands rested on my shoulders, her large, brown eyes peering up at me through her long lashes. Her teeth captured her bottom lip, and I stared at her, my own arousal growing stronger. Unable to contain myself, I captured her lips in a kiss. At first, she was shocked, but she recovered, returning my enthusiasm.
Shifting so that she was on my lap, I combed my fingers through her soft curls. Her legs straddled my waist, and she allowed her hands to gently cradle my face. Her touch sent chills up and down my spine, causing me to pull her closer.
My hands moved to her shorts, and I effortlessly tossed the thin material across the room. Her panties soon followed her shorts, and I slowly slid my hand down to tease her. When my finger gently stroked her, she released a loud gasp. She tightened her grip on my shirt, her back arching in the air.
"Don't tease me, baby," she whispered, her tongue gently rolling over her bottom lip. "It's been too long; I need you."
Smiling at (Y/N), I slid my sweat pants down. I tossed the clothing on the ground before removing my boxers. Running my hands up and down her sides, I positioned myself between her legs.
"You want it fast or slow?" I asked, bending over so my lips would brush against her ear lobe.
"It doesn't matter," she replied. "We're just having sex tonight."

I allowed myself a small moment to admire her body sprawled out on my sheets. "Girl, you gon' get it tonight."

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