Naughty girl (Ray Ray)

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Heyyyy It's Tae!! Hehehe that rhymes 😂😂. But I decided to do a Ray imagine. With his sexxy ass 😏😏. Anywaysssssss here's ya imagine ya nastyssss (Raven's voice)


Your POV

"Have you be naughty or nice," Ray whispers in your ear pulling you closer. You respond by taking off your shirt and unhooking your bra. Ray smiles and licks his lips as his hands wander your curves.

You reach up to take Ray's shirt off, but Ray stops you. "Nah," he grins. "You've been bad." You can tell by the look on his face that he had some tricks up his sleeves.

"What are you gonna do to me," you taunt tracing your finger down his chest. He doesn't respond though her just slips off his shirt and leads you to the bed. He fumbles with your skirt until he get frustrated and ends up ripping it off.

"There," he smiled admiring you in your lacey pink panties. You help him slip off his shirt as well as the rest of his clothes. Standing in his boxers Ray began kissing on you tracing his way all the way down to your panties. When he gets there he slips them off you. You bit your lip in anticipation as he positioned his lips between your legs. His warm breath sending chills up your skin making you sweat, but Ray pulled away.

You frowned at the games he was playing. You hated to be teased. "You've been bad remember," Ray grins flipping you over so that you are on all fours. You barely had time to catch your breath before Ray began slamming Raytlesnake inside of you. You scream out in ecstasy as Ray grinds into your hips. Skin smacking on skin was all your could hear over your moans as he went faster.

You began to moan louder as Ray began spanking your ass. "Harder," you yelled the excitement of being spanked getting to you. You didn't have to tell him twice he immediately began spanking you harder leaving red marks on your ass.

"That's right," he grunted speeding up even faster. "Who's your daddy?" You quivered signaling you were near your peak barely get out a response.

"You are," you screamed as you came. A few strokes later he came, then you both collapsed from exhaustion.

"I'm sorry what was that," he said raising his eyebrows at you. "I couldn't hear you over my moans. Who's your daddy?"

You roll your eyes at him resting your head on his chest. "You are," you mutter. You could feel Ray smiling. Sometimes he could be so cocky and this new complement was starting to get to his head. "Don't let it go to your head though," you reminded him.

"Don't act like you didn't love it," he replied pulling you closer. "You can say it I'm the best." You didn't reply you just ignored his haughty comments until you slowly drifted off to sleep.

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