Wet the bed (Prodigy)

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Hey loves!! Soooo I hit 11.2k reads!!! 👏🙏🙏 Thank y'all so much!! 💋💋 So here's an imagine for my Prodigy fans.

Prodigy POV

The milky-azure glare from the TV penetrated the darkened living room. My eyes lied low as I aimlessly scanned through each uninteresting channel. Y/N lied on my chest, lightly dozing as my arms locked securely around her.
As I listened to her breath quietly, my dauntlessness to find something in the least entertaining persisted. I skipped past all the movie channels, until one caught my attention.
Of course I hadn't meant to turn to it directly, but I could already feel myself hardening through my loose jeans. The film displayed a woman stripper, her curvacious form dipping and swaying against the pole as club music poured from the background.
"Damn," I muttered as I continued growing. Y/N shifted above me, trying to find a more suitable position since her last one was disturbed by the unruliness of my "friend".
I was greatly being turned on by the dancing lady, her backside thrown against the camera in the most provocative way. On days when Y/N was unavailable, a bottle of lotion would do the trick, but since I lacked at that object, I was left to deal with the turn-on myself.
But of course, that would be impossible.
"Well, there's only one way to handle this," I muttered softly as my arms fell from their protective place around Y/N's torso. I slowly let my hands near the button of her jeans, carefully unbuttoning them and slipping down the metal zipper. Again she shifted, but settled when my movements became too small to notice.
I bit my lip as one of my hands traveled into her panties. "Mmm," she hummed, still in her state of slumber. I rubbed her gently, and soon I began to feel her throb. I could almost taste her.
I heard her take breathe in a sharp intake of breath before she replied sleepily, "Craig ... wha-what are you doing?" she sat up from my chest lazily, twisting her neck to face me. Her eyebrows pushed together in annoyed anger that I had waken her up from her calming snooze.
I refused to answer, so I just sat there and looked like the cat who ate the canary. That was when she glanced down at her open jeans. Her eyes widened as she looked back at me as if she couldn't believe what I had been doing.
"What? Okay ... babe, I know this looks bad, but ..." I eyed my current situation. Her eyes dropped, but then returned to mine in infuriation. She climbed from off of me. I stared at her in shocked confusion as she fumbled with her zipper and button, fastening them both.
"What?" I wondered genuinely as a sassy hand embroidered her curved hip. "You know I don't like being taken advantage of Craig. What? Were you gonna sex me while I was sleep?" she queried as if I was the biggest idiot in the world.
She tightened her arms across her ample chest and turned on her heel, retreating from the room and disappearing into the hallway. "Oh naw, babe, wait!" I quickly scrambled from off of the couch and followed her.
My socked feet padded against the wooden floor as I peered into mulitple rooms. Each was indulged in darkness, indicating she wasn't there. I let out an irritated sigh. Y/N had a tendency to leave me hangin' when I needed her most. She enjoyed my agony.
But, the golden light deluging from the crack of the slightly-open door gave away her bearings. I pushed open the door, revealing Y/N. Her back was faced to me, and by her jerky movements, I could still tell she was angry with me. I knew she hated when I fondled with her when she wasn't aware, but I couldn't help what aroused me. This was a very sexualized world.
And only proving my point, just as I watched her slip off her shirt, my "friend" decided to stand erect. My hands dropped to the front part of my pants as I walked awkwardly over to her.
"Babe, I'm sorry I fondled you, but I'm havin' one of them days," I explained, trying hard not to imagine what she looked like out of all her clothes. "It's just that ... it's hard trying to stay calm around you all the time. I know you dont like doing it all the time but-,"
I was abruptly cut off with her lips crashing against mine. I was confused of her sudden change in demeanor, but I wasn't about to stop and question her.
"Do you really think I care if you were fondling me?" a teasing smirk lined her face. Her fingers laced themselves around my neck. "By the way," she whispered, letting her lips near mine again. "It felt really good." Her seducing wink was the last thing I remembered before we were both suddenly naked with our bodies dripping with sweat.
I hissed as Y/N's wetness embraced my member tightly. Her fingers brazed my shoulder blades roughly as I advanced in and out of her quickly. She let out blaring yelps as I pleased both myself and her.
"You like that?" I asked Y/N, my mouth hovering her ear. "Y-yes," she stammered, followed by another scream and a tighter grip around the back of my neck. I let my tongue toy with her ear lobe, clenching it between my teeth lightly as her legs wrapped around my torso, allowing me to invade her even deeper.
"Yes, Craig, God yes!" she shouted, the echoing of the headboard against the wall boisterous. I groaned as my head dove into her neck, her skin stifling my howls of pleasure. I gave her neck a kiss before I leveled above her.
"Come on, baby," I pulled her up. I knew she had no clue what I was up to, but the mischievious grin toying with her lips signified that she was ready and willing to recieve anything.
"Turn around for me," I commanded, my voice rough with anticipation. She did as she was told, kneeling on all fours as my hands grabbed at her hips. I wanted to visit every spot she liked me to, her neck-that had been covered many times over.
Her back-I let my tongue trail her creamy skin, her back curving slowly at my soft touch. Her lips-I leaned my head over her shoulder, grabbing her lips with mine as we hungrily sucked on each others. She grinned as I pulled away, intiating a wet smack.
"How long you gonna keep me waitin', baby?" she inquired as I returned to my previous place.
"Relax, babe, you know I got you," I replied easily, running my hands over her backside, then gripping her thighs as I re-entered her tight entrance, gaining an entirely new set of screams, profanity, and worships.
We rocked through the rest of the night and into the dawn. Trust, when it came to makin' love to my girl, I wasn't no minute man. I made sure I kissed, licked, and hit everything right.
We'd both let go of our bodily creams more than ten times, and I was glad I was able to make her release first each occasion. Making her wet the bed was a specialty I was able to perfect through a little amount of practices.
Y/N collapsed onto my elevating chest, her ragged breathing an attestation that I had done my job and done it well.
"You know I felt your little "friend" poking me while I was tryna sleep, right?" she laughed. She traced my lips with her finger. "Is he settled now?" she interrogated jokingly.
"I don't know, Y/N," I responded truthfully, kissing her finger softly. "I think he may want another round."

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