Make up

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"Get out Daniel!!!" You screamed as you threw his stuff down the stairs.

"Baby please listen to me, it was an accident" He tried to explain but you refused to listen.

"Ohh so your telling me your dick accidentally slipped in to her, ugh!" You knocked all his stuff off the dresser on to the floor.

"y/n I'm sorry, I truly am" He apologized. But soon the tears you were trying to hold in came pouring down your face like a waterfall.

"Why would you do this to me huh? I gave you everything Daniel and you cheat on me" you covered your face and cried harder.

"Baby" he wrapped his arms around your waist and looked at you "Y/N I'm sorry, I was being stupid okay."

"Whatever, let me go" You tried to push him off but failed. He held you tighter and slowly kissed your neck knowing it was your sweet spot "S-s-stop Diggy" You stuttered as you tried not to moan. But instead he picked you up and laid you on the bed

"I'll make it up to you" He said as he slowly slid your pants and panties down noticing how wet you were "I promise" He said as he went down and put your legs on his shoulder

"no sto- Ahhh" you moaned as you felt his tongue slid across your clit slowly.

"I'm sorry" he repeated again as he slide two fingers in your pussy and started to gently suck on your clit

"Mmm baby uhhhh" You put your hand on his head holding him in place. He picked up speed and thrusted his fingers in and out of you fast and sucking on your clit harder

"Ahhh fuck Daniel" you softly squeezed your nipples. You felt your walls tighting and let out a long moan "Uhhhhhhhh" as you cummed all over his fingers.

"Damn you taste good baby" He said as he licked his fingers clean. He soon smirked and stood up. "But were not done yet" he said.

Damn, I'm freaky 😏😏 Well comment if I should make a part two.


(Btw I also really need a co-writer!!!!)

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