Raise (Roc Royal)

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Roc Royal POV

She ambled slowly towards his office door, the clack of her heels echoing against the empty building's walls. She had a thought in mind, a thought that would not be relinquished until he did something about it. The predicament that had assembled itself into her life would not be fixed until something was done about it. And it was going to be done tonight, one way or another.
Her bust swelled from underneath her tight blouse, ready to be fondled by the only man who seemed to know how. The panties beneath her skirt begged to be removed, her core aching for him to fill it. The very cogitation of his being was enough to turn her on.
She approached his door, and knocking on it softly, she asked sweetly, "Mr. August? Is it alright if I come in?"
The head of the company still sat at his computer, drowned in paper work he wished he could put off until the ensuing day. Looking up from his bundle of files, he saw at the door stood a shy looking Y/N, one of his newer employees who never failed to do her job correctly.
"Y/N? Yes, you can come in," he allowed, gesturing for her to enter. She walked through the thick threshold of his office, closing the door behind her.
"What are you doing here?" Chresanto asked, glancing back down to his paper work before catching her dark eye with his.
She stepped to his desk and explained lightly, "I needed to talk to you about something ..."
"What is it?" he inquired, his attention still diverted toward his work.
"I'd really like a raise."
He stopped writing on his document, looking up at the young employee. "A raise? Aren't you already getting paid enough as it is?"
"Yes, I can guarantee you Mr. August that my pay is well, but I don't think it's quite enough. See, I'm trying to buy a house by the end of this year, and my salary isn't really helping out like I wish it would."
Chresanto sat back in his office chair, eyeing the woman quietly for a moment. "Why do I feel like that's not the reason you're here?" he wondered, his eyebrows creased in perplexity. "Anyone would be drooling to receive two-hundred fifty thousand dollars a year."
"I can assure this is sincerely about a raise," Y/N lied. She knew very well that his notions were correct. She just wondered when he realized he was right.
Chresanto sighed, placing his hands together as if he were praying, softly pressing them to his mouth as he thought over something only he knew. "What can you show me that would help you get a raise?"
"Are there any special talents you had that could contribute to this company?"
Y/N shrugged, but she didn't know if they'd necessarily benefit the company more than they'd benefit herself. "I guess I would have to show you in order for you to know," she finalized.
Chresanto nodded, quietly sitting in his chair as he waited for her to showcase her reasoning for a raise.
Y/N stood little ways from his desk, and with a lustful glance in his direction, she reached underneath her skirt, and let her panties fall to the ground. Chresanto watched the discarded garment pool at her ankles, but said nothing, only continued to watch what she had in mind.
She pulled a separate chair in front of his desk, and sat in it leisurely. She sighed one of content before lifting her skirt, putting on display her area that looked heavenly to Chresanto, so appetizing he wished he could reach over the desk to get a taste of it.
Licking two of her fingers, Y/N placed the extremities along her slit, and began to rub gently. His eyes never left her active fingers as they dipped into her moistened folds, only growing wetter as her fingers ventured further.
Chresanto hardened under the table as he leaned is elbows against the desk, pressing a fist to his mouth as he watched his employee play with herself. He felt as if he'd burst when he heard her moan.
Y/N delved her fingers into her tight core, pumping them in and out as she fought to relieve herself of the small pressure building in her abdomen.
"Can you cum?" Chresanto asked, trying to hold back his urge to do things to her.
Y/N glanced up at her fervent boss, and not wanting to disappoint him, she added a third finger and drove herself to climax.
"Shit ..." she murmured when a light cream drizzled from between her legs.
"Suck it off," Chresanto demanded quietly, and watched intently as Y/N stuck her cream-laden finger into her mouth, slowly ridding it of the white content.
When she was done tasting herself, Chresanto sat back in his office chair again, quietly gazing at her as he asked, "Do you really want this raise?"
Y/N eyed him deeply. "More than anything."
"Okay." Chresanto got up from his place behind his desk. He slowly made his way over to the young associate. Taking off his suit jacket, he tossed it aimlessly to the side, dropping to his knees in front of Y/N.
He ran his hands along her thighs provocatively, looking up at her with an intensity that only heightened her need for him.
He let one of his hands rest along her cheek, bringing her face to meet his. He kissed her softly, sucking along her tongue and bottom lip to see if her taste was as desirable as it looked. He liked it. Loved it even.
Chresanto trailed his lips against her neck, letting his hands fondle her ample breast. He heard her sigh adoringly, and it only provoked him to go further. He opened up her blouse, her red bra supporting her squeezable chest. He lowered it reasonably, tasting each nipple for a bit until he craved the taste below.
Reaching down to her thighs again, he spread them wider, lifting them onto his shoulders as he sat face to face with Y/N's delectable area. He decided to tease her. If she wanted a raise, she'd have to earn it.
He kissed along the inside of her thighs, enjoying how impatient she became. He neared her outer lips, letting his tongue tease her skin softly, but blatantly disregarding the part of her that yearned for him the most.
He kissed at her center, already dripping from it's last conversation with her fingers. He kissed it again, this time on her clit, causing Y/N's leg to jerk. Chresanto chuckled. "You're a sensitive one," he noticed.
"Let's see how much you can take."
Y/N's breath caught in her throat when Chresanto's mouth explored her hot slit, his tongue swimming in and out of her folds has his lips sucked along them.
Y/N ran a finger through his curly hair, trying hard to keep her hips from bucking. When they betrayed her, Chresanto began to suck wetly on her clit, the button throbbing at the tender contact.
He sucked and sucked at the pertaining spot until she could only beg him for mercy, or even worse, to fuck her.
With one last dance of his tongue between her tasty crevice, Chresanto stood up, looking over Y/N who sat in the chair, breathing heavily for the premature ecstasy. He wondered of the noises she'd make when he filled her.
Chresanto pulled her up next to him, glaring intensely into her eyes as he unbuckled his belt. "Turn around," he commanded.
Y/N did as she was told, and was shocked but pleased to find that her cheek had connected to the desk. He'd bent her over. If she wanted it, she'd be getting it his way.
Y/N felt a breeze sift past her body when her skirt dropped to the floor. Her senses only heightened when she felt his manhood teasing her from behind.
"How bad do you want that raise?" She heard Chresanto growl from behind her.
"Really bad," she replied, and that was all he needed to hear.
"Holy shit ... a-ah!" Y/N moaned as he stuck his full length inside of her, showing no pity. She hadn't prepared herself for him to be so ravenous, but she strangely loved it and wanted more.
He pounded relentlessly into her, groaning as her tight walls clenched around his member. He lifted her leg onto the desk, hitting her at a deeper angle, causing Y/N to scream out in pleasure.
He grabbed at her hair, pushing her cheek further into the desk, pumping in and out of her firm wetness. "You want that fuckin' raise?"
"Y-yes," Y/N whimpered.
"Then you better earn that shit," he replied darkly, yanking her up from her place on the desk. He turned her around and made her sit on it, connecting his lips to hers and pushing himself back inside of her.
They moaned into each other's mouths as their tongues swirled together. Y/N pulled at the back of Chresanto's neck, pushing his face closer to hers as her hips rhythmically moved against his forceful thrusts.
"Fuck," her voice grew heavy with pleasure. She threw her head back as she neared a climax again. Chresanto pressed his lips against her neck, only making her wetter and even more anticipated to release.
"I think I'm gonna-," Y/N couldn't get her words out before she squirted for the first time, yet found the action to be quite arousing and relieving. She grew weak, her legs that had been wrapped around her boss' waist, limp as she breathed heavily.
"You ain't finished yet," Chresanto said lowly into her ear, toying the lobe with his tongue, sucking on it gently before adding, "Go 'head and finish the job."
Y/N knew what he meant, and not wanting to keep her boss from his utmost pleasure, she fell to her knees, his massive shaft swelled and only in need for one last motion to appease itself.
Licking the tip, Y/N took him into her mouth, reaching as far as she could. Impressed with her ability of deep throat, Chresanto clutched at her hair again, moving her head back and forth along his manhood.
"Goddamn," he groaned, the wet and tight feel of her sweet mouth overwhelming. "You know how to put that mouth to work."
In lieu of grinning in gratitude, Y/N furthered her ability, sucking his length so well that Chresanto could no longer hold back.
"Shit!" he muttered when he spilled into her mouth. "Swallow it all," he finished off before pulling himself from out of her mouth. Again, Y/N didn't fail to do as he said, downing his cream before he helped her back up to her feet.
"Damn, girl, you tryin' for a promotion?" Chresanto asked as they pulled back on and straightened their clothing.
"Is that an option?"
Chresanto looked up at Y/N in surprise and saw that she was far from done.
"Why don't you come back to my place and find out?"

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