Happy Anniversary (Princeton)

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Holà mamí's!!!! Sorry I took sooooo long to update but a sista gotta get her work done, ya heardddd meh 😂😂. But enjoy Mindless Minions💋💋

Your POV

Prince's lips rested against the smooth skin of your shoulder. The crackling of the fireplace filled the dimly lit bedroom, and gentle snowflakes fell outside. His eyes drifted upwards as the fireplace momentarily sputtered. Deciding that he could make it another half hour before adding another log, he laid a trail of kisses from your shoulder to your lips.

"Happy anniversary," he murmurs in between kisses.

You smile against his lips allowing him to shift so that he was hovering above you. "Happy anniversary," you whisper. You gently pull his face down so that his lips brush against yours.

His hands began to travel down south, and you sighed contently as he settled himself between your legs. His tongue flicked out experimenting. Your back immediately arched causing him to gently begin stroking you again. As he buries his face deeper between your legs, your fingers entangle themselves in his hair.

Each squirm, pant, and whimper you released only encouraged his tongue's exploration. As you grinded against his face, he gripped your thighs tighter moving faster. You arch your back up unable to keep still from the amounts of pleasure washing over you. Just as you reach your climax you feel his tongue disappear.

"Prince, what - "

Before you can even finish your sentence, he slams Harvard inside of you. Your eyes fly closed as he begins thrusting. He tightly grips your waist groaning in ecstasy. As he hits your G-spot, you drag your nails along his back unable to keep your moans silent.

He finishes quickly, but before you can recover, he's flipped you over so that you're resting on all fours. He positions himself behind you, and you bite your lip. This time he moves slower taking the time to thoroughly explore your body. He feels so good inside of you that it takes all of control to keep yourself from screaming his name at the top of your lungs.

You collapse onto the bed as you reach your climax unaware of Princeton's hands tracing circles on your back. As you struggle to regain your breathing, he settles in the bed beside you. His arms securely wrap around your waist allowing you to rest your head against his bare chest.

Lazily eyeing the fireplace, you stroke his arm. "I'm glad we made this trip," you say quietly. "It's so romantic out here."

"I know how much you like the snow," he mutters. "I figured that we'd go skiing during the day, and well... there's more of this for late at night."

You laugh. "If the love is anything like tonight, I know I'll be a satisfied woman."

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