Get a little nasty

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You walked in your house from a long day of work. You were stressed and tired. As you walked in you saw rose pedals on the floor. Being suspicious you followed the roses and came to a stop at the bathroom. As you looked up you saw your husband Daniel smiling and holding a plate full of strawberries. You smiled and looked around the bathroom. Your bathroom was decorated with vanilla scented candles. The bathtub was filled with champagne bubble bath. "Well hello beautiful" Daniel said. You walked towards him and smiled. "What's all of this babe" you looked around the bathroom again. "I knew you would be stressed so I thought for tonight I would cater to you" he put the strawberries down and slowly started to undress you. Once you were naked he kissed your neck softly and whispered in your ear. "I want you to relax baby" he said as he rubbed over your body. he stopped and looked at you "Get it sexy" He said as he smirked. You bite your lip and got in the tub and slowly sat down. "God this feels good" you said as your laid your head back. Daniel came over to the tub and put a straw berry to your lips "Bite it" he said in a low sexy growl. You opened your mouth and bite the strawberry. You felt the juice slide down you chin to your neck and chest. He bent over the tub and licked the juice off your neck and slowly sucked. You closed your eyes and let out a soft moan. "Mmmm babe please get in with me" you begged. He smiled and took off his robe and slide in the tub next to you. You felt his hand slowly slide up your thigh and stopped at your p***y. He kissed your ear and softly rubbed your clit. "Mmmm Daniel." You moaned. He speed up and rubbed faster making your legs shake. "Ahhh damn" you bite your lip hard as you felt your walls tighten. He pinched your nipple softy and rubbed faster and whispered in your ear "cum for daddy baby". You moaned loud and came all over his fingers and hands. "Good girl" He smirked and licked his fingers. You looked at him and smiled "I thought I was supposed to be relaxing". He bite his lip "Well you I wouldn't be me if I didn't get a little nasty" he said and winked. You laughed and laid your head on his shoulder.

A/N: I wanted to do something romantic this time. And a little freaky lol. I hoped you liked it.

Peace and chicken grease 😅😝✌✌


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