Our Baby [Shinee Adoption Ambw] by bjoiner123
Our Baby [Shinee Adoption Ambw]by Bre
What would it be like if Shinee had a child but this time it was for real not on hello baby this time all of Shinee is gonna have a adopted daughter name Olympia which t...
  • jonghyun
  • shinee
  • onew
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Arranged | JJK| by goreux
Arranged | JJK|by Pattie LaHell
Does a price really comes with love? What happens when two young adults (Evonne and Jungkook) are forced into a marriage they had no intent on being in.
  • btsfanfic
  • married
  • marriage
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You Don't Scare Me [M.YG] by tayngi
You Don't Scare Me [M.YG]by Taylor Kay
"We can't-", I start to say, until I am abruptly cut off by Yoongi's lips crashing in to mine. "! We both know you don't want daddy to sto...
  • action-romance
  • interracial
  • kpop
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My Best Friend//Kim Taehyung   by bangtaekook3
My Best Friend//Kim Taehyung by Sunshine ??
"I like you, like more than a friend and I hope one day you'll feel the same." Rank. #3 in AMBW. #1 in kpopsmut Thank you for reading.
  • angst
  • taehyung
  • taehyungambw
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Annyeonghaseyo, Bitch. by God_of_destruction
Annyeonghaseyo, God_of_Destruction
"Where are you going, nigger?" I turned around on my heel and said, "what the fuck did you just say?" I clearly heard him, I just was being nice and...
  • asian
  • bwam
  • korea
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Gangsta-jungkook ambw  by Kimnoomiesung
Gangsta-jungkook ambw by sung Kim noomie
" be a good girl an I might let you keep most of you're fingers , you only need 5 to jerk me off with anyway " @Rapmomstaundermybed1 wrote something and it ga...
  • maifia
  • kimnoomiesung
  • wattys
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Alienated [✔] by God_of_destruction
Alienated [✔]by God_of_Destruction
(v.) To cause someone to feel isolated or estranged "ℍave you ever been in love before?" "Love? What's that?" "You've got a lot to learn,"...
  • humor
  • kimtaehyung
  • alien
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Secret Child Of Jung Hoseok | [✔] by memorizedsightings
Secret Child Of Jung Hoseok | [✔]by ♥ relle ♥
Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope has a child from a one night stand. He does whatever he can to take care of his daughter but how long will this secret last? START DATE: 09/17/16 ...
  • hobi
  • blackwoman
  • kpop
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The Glitch. |GOT7| by Bangtan_Trash_
The Glitch. |GOT7|by Flower Boy 💫
"What if they heard everything we were saying about them the whole show." Ryanna said. "Then we would be completely fucked." Kaprice laughed. They al...
  • igot7
  • ambw
  • jaebum
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Hwarang: A Different Kind Of Halfbreed.   by Jung-Hye-Eun
Hwarang: A Different Kind Of Jessica Okolie
Mei is the daughter of the Emperor of Qing, Her mother is a princess of Africa who was sold into marriage just to form an alliance between the two countries. She is for...
  • romance
  • fanfic
  • hwarang
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[FINISHED] Mafia's BabyGirl / A Taehyung X Reader AMBW FF by Lia1101
[FINISHED] Mafia's BabyGirl / A Lia1101
Y/n was just a normal teenage girl. She's is quiet but very intelligent . She didn't have many friends but barely got picked on at school . One day she comes home to see...
  • ambw
  • fanfiction
  • reader
||  T H E   A R T  O F  S E X  ||   [ BTS fanfic]  [ AMBW] by S_A_D_A_N_G_E_L
|| T H E A R T O F S E X || Skyla
" let me touch you" Jimins voice sent a string of shivers down Kingsley's spine. Leaving her in a heat of wetness and sexual frustration. - - - - - - - Maybe w...
  • love
  • jungkook
  • minyoongi
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Step-Daddy | Book one by guccixnandii
Step-Daddy | Book oneby childish sadbino
"Raya I'd like you to meet Mr. Kim Taehyung, my fiancé."
  • kimtaehyungsmut
  • btsv
  • bts
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↳ an IM JAEBUM fanfic. "this is... not a good idea." "you're probably right... but darling, you make it so damn hard to think straight." a tale in w...
  • jaebum
  • wattys2017
  • teacherxstudentsoundsreallybadwhoops
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The Girlfriend To Bts (Bts Ambw) by bjoiner123
The Girlfriend To Bts (Bts Ambw)by Bre
What of one day you suddenly become the girlfriend of a seven member group? is Kaile's story and how from just being at a random place at a random time can cause one da...
  • boys
  • ambw
  • seoul
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lost ones ♡ kim taehyung by aestheticlex
lost ones ♡ kim taehyungby kpop trash ™
"it was like a punch in the face, literally." [© all rights reserved]
  • bts
  • taehyungambw
  • taehyung
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BARBER//MALIK by avanseyebrows
BARBER//MALIKby Harlot Scarlet
Sometimes people fall in love in the most unexpected places,for Zayn and Ty it was at the barbershop. Start: 3/23/2017 Completed: 7/11/17 [Sweetheart Series] UNEDITED. (...
  • malik
  • blackboyjoy
  • wattys2017
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G-Dragon's Mommy -DISCONTINUED- by Unique_High
G-Dragon's Mommy -DISCONTINUED-by Unique_High
Quinn started working for Jiyong has his maid but she was offered another job as well.
  • lb
  • md
  • bigbang
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Hickey [PARKJIMIN] ambw by miamorcole
Hickey [PARKJIMIN] ambwby ☪ Mi Amor ☪
hick·ey ˈhikē/ noun NORTH AMERICAN[informal] a skin blemish, especially a mark caused by a lover biting or sucking the skin. _______ " You can't go around leaving h...
  • jimin
  • black
  • bts
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I Adore You (Vernon Seventeen Ambw) by bjoiner123
I Adore You (Vernon Seventeen Ambw)by Bre
Say the name Seventeen That is one Girls Dream to hear that Call in person from the amazing Group Seventeen With all Thirteen Members so how will the fans of Seventeen r...
  • romance
  • manager
  • ambw
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