P*ssy is Mine (Princeton)

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"Jacob ...yes," Y/N whispered, her head thrown back against my shoulder as she settled herself on my lap. I kissed her neck slowly as my finger played with her wet folds.

"You like it when I play with your p_ssy?" I whispered in her ear as I surged a finger inside of her. "Yes," she whimpered, her eyes closing and her bottom lip clenched between her teeth in certified bliss.

I figured I'd treat my girl to an evening of dimmed pleasure, since she always had a way of treating me well every time she came over; she was the only girl that could ever make me c_m, so I decided to reward her accomplishments to a night of ecstasy, or a night of just plain teasing more or less.

My finger delved in and out of her clenching walls, and I couldn't even fathom the thought of another guy invading her privacy the way I did, that no other guy had been able to get in her pants, let alone touch her like I could. She belonged to me, and from the moans spilling from her lips, she agreed that she was mine.

Y/N twisted her head to meet my lips. My tongue grazed her skin until it surpassed her lips, and her own tendon peeked out to meet mine.

"Let me taste you," I murmured against her lips. Y/N quickly acceded, leveling from off me and settling herself on the opposite end of the couch. I bit my lip and eyed her area like the next meal it was.

I kneeled onto the floor and pulled at her legs, positioning her close to me. My finger toyed with her "lips", spreading them, and before Y/N could badger me about my endless teasing, I let my tongue dive into her sweetness.

"Ah ... Jacob!" Y/N's voice rose an octave as I rummaged through her dampness. I pulled at her moistened folds, letting my tongue circle her cl_t as her fingers combed through my hair. Her head was thrown back once more as I tongue and lips dined on her flesh. "That feels so good," she moaned, trying fiercely not to cry out, but failed in doing so, for the air was suddenly pierced with a pleased yell.

She begged me to fill her, pleading that a quickie was all she needed to be blast into a world of wet ecstasy. She didn't have to ask me twice.

I stood up and unbuckled my jeans, letting them fall to the ground. She eyed me hungrily as I removed my boxers, gazing at my hardened manhood, anticipating the feeling of me inside her.

I lifted Y/N's hips, and eased my way inside of her. She cursed at me, gripping at my shirt as I pulsed into her damp area.

"Who's p_ssy is this?" I questioned as I rammed inside her, not even stopping when she began to whimper in overwhelm.

"It's yours baby, all yours," she replied in between loud moans as my lips and tongues attacked her neck. "I can't hear you," I mumbled against her skin. It took her a moment to muster up enough energy to respond, "It's yours, Jacob!"

"Who's is it!"

"God, it's all yours, baby!" Y/N breathed and groaned as she spilled onto me, her chest heaving as she fought to catch her breath.

"That's right," I countered as the last of her emptied from her hot opening.

"It's all mine."

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