Smoothie (Ray Ray)

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Hiiiiii boo bears (I love nicknames if you haven't notice😂😂) But I had a wonderful 😏 dream about Ray so I had to post an imagine. But before I do I wanna thank y'all so much for showing love to my book. As some of y'all know my last imagine book was deleted and I was heart broken, but to see how much y'all put it to reading and liking my stories is AMAZING!! If it weren't for y'all I wouldn't be writing right now. Thank you soooooo much mindless minions!!! Y'all rock 👏👏

Third person POV

You we're in the kitchen preparing a homemade smoothie. Loud blender, chopping fruits, opening and closing the fridge, did I forget to say it was 3:00am.
Ray groaned annoyingly, rolling out the bed, dragging himself to the kitchen.
"Are you insane lady?" Ray asked as he tried to shield the light with his hands.
"Oh. I'm so sorry babe.. I was just... I needed one." You whined.
"It's fine." He said wrapping his arms around your waist, resting his chin on your shoulder.
"I'm almost done." you whispered spraying the whip cream on top.
Ray dipped his finger in the top of your smoothie getting a little bit of Whip cream, and rubbing it on your neck.
"Lets not start this freaky shit." you laugh tilting your head back.
Ray ignored you. He slowly slid his warm tongue across your neck, sending chills down your spine, you sigh licking your lips. His fingers slid up your stomach, and gently cupped your breast. You could feel him slightly breathing down your neck as his member poked you below.
You stick your finger inside the whip cream this time, taking a small amount, turning around, and smearing it onto his neck. Your tongue gently brushed against his neck as his hands gripped tightly on your ass. He licked his lips picking you up and placing you on the counter top.
He positioned himself in between your legs, taking off your tank top leaving you in nothing, but under clothes. His finger traced the outline on your area. He kissed from your neck, to your shoulders, trailed down your stomach, and down to your inner thighs.
You leaned back on the counter top, breathless from the soft, sensual kisses trailing up and down your inner thighs. You wanted him to go in right now, but of course, he had to be a tease.
With the continuous teasing, you became more and more frustrated, your hand guided his head to your area. Ray chuckled, pulling down your underwear.
He started off with gentle kisses on your now throbbing clit. You moan in satisfaction throwing your head back. His kisses now leading to sucking, as he sucked and twirled his long tongue around your clit, sending you in a complete uproar.
"Fuck!" You screeched in pleasure, knocking everything off the counter.
His tongue teased your clit, before shipping inside you unexpectedly.
"Shit, RAY!" you yell gripping on to the back of his head instantly.
His tongue did wonders, and worked up your climax. He sucked gently on your clit once again. Staring you in your eyes, knowing you were closer and closer to your peak.
You pull on to his braids, letting out a loud moan before releasing yourself.
"Oh my god." You panted laying back in the counter top.
Ray kissed your neck once again, before grabbing your smoothie, laughing, and heading back to the bedroom.
"Meet me up stairs." He winked.
You lay there exhausted.

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