Late night loving (Roc Royal)

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Roc P.O.V

I tossed and turned in my sleep, finally realizing I wasn't gonna get any sleep, I sat up against the head board. As I looked to my side I saw my .gf of 5 years y/n laying next to me. I stared at her lustfully. She had on one of my t-shirts and her lace red thong. See, for the last couple of nights shes hasn't been letting me hit it. But that's all about to change tonight. I smirked and quietly slide under the covers and spreading her legs carefully not to wake her up. I slide her thong off slowly, noticing her perfect pink and pierced pussy infront of me.


I woke up to feeling of someone pulling and sucking on my clit hard. I moaned loud and pushed who it was head deeper and arched my back. As I came closer to my climax, my mysterious kitty eater stopped and came up from under the covers. Not to my surprise it Roc with his lips shiny from my wetness. "Damn baby, you taste good as hell" he said with a sly smirk. I blushed and bit my lip. "I need roczilla now papi" I said as I pulled his boxers down. He grabbed me and flipped me on my stomach and pinned my arms down. "I'm about to tear this pussy up" he said as he rammed him self inside of me. I screamed loud for the pain and pleasure I was feeling as he roughly pumped his self in and out of my tight pussy. I moaned and scratched and bit feeling my climax coming. He flipped me over again on my back and thrusted faster while pinching my clit. "Squirt for daddy y/n." he said as he went faster. I felt my legs violently shake and my eyes rolled to the back of my head. As roc thrusted one more hard time I squirted all my juices onto his abs. "Mmm good job baby" he said as he laid next to me. I weakly laid my head on his chest and closed my eyes. I could faintly hear Roc humming "pussy is mine" by Miguel until I fell asleep.

WELLLLLL I haven't wrote in a while hehehe sorry munchkinsssss. But I'm back bitchessssss. Welp I hope y'all enjoy. Vote and comment please!

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