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Our Mistress  by treywifey
Our Mistress by Mrs. Neverson
Read to find out!!!!! Let me know what you think of the story. Comment & Vote
Drunken Night by fvckwitaboss
Drunken Nightby ☺️
AJ and Trey have been friends since they were little. She helped him to pursue his dream in the music industry. AJ wants to be with Trey, but could the past ruin everyth...
Started Off as Close Friends by xx_brown
Started Off as Close Friendsby Jackie Nelson
*Writes long description no one reads*
What's eating you? by juicebeetle101
What's eating you?by AshleyMadison
Being the fat girl in high school isn't rainbows and sunshine for Taylor Banks. She's constantly harassed by the school's big shot; Kenzie Williams. He's the coolest guy...
SUMMER by breezyyma
SUMMERby breezyyma
Read to find out 🦋
Hidden Truth (Trey Songz FanFic) by princess_ic
Hidden Truth (Trey Songz FanFic)by princess_ic
Tremaine Aldon Neverson, better known as Trey Songz, finds himself in a bit of a predicament when a crazed fan climbs into his hotel room window after a concert. He's fa...
Amnesia by fvckwitaboss
Amnesiaby ☺️
EXPLICIT CONTENT: Memory loss, will she remember?
Unusual (A Trey Songz story) by queenajaylove
Unusual (A Trey Songz story)by Ajay Love
Trey has never had that one girl that can make him crave her presence a day in his life. He's surrounded by women all the time, but none of them can bring him down to hi...
This War (Trey Songz Story) by theyadore_nashia
This War (Trey Songz Story)by They Adore Nashia
Nia is in a gang wit a daughter and abusive boyfriendsip. Can she trust everyone? Or will she be the one who can't beoo trusted? Read to find out!!!ww
Like No Other by datordona
Like No Otherby sosayeththequeen
Emma never actually intended to become attached to him in any capacity. She needed a man, he was there and more than enough man for the job. So when she discovered that...
GOTTA MAKE IT by NaeShakur
Trey songz fan-fiction. Watch the Video. Secret 21 years old, Drug Dealer, Tremaine aka Trey is having trouble looking for a job. He has been in love with his Girlfrien...
Chris And Trey by King-Li
Chris And Treyby Griselda’sSon
Trey...will I ever find love? The stuff you do isn't love. Are we even going to make it to the alter because if we not...I can leave. -Chris Brown
INDIGO 🐉 || chris brown short stories. by chrissxxv
INDIGO 🐉 || chris brown short OHB
y/n is your name. -explicit vocabulary and scenes - if you don't wish to read it please don't, ty. enjoy🖤
Mind F*ckin by kadyhamptons
Mind F*ckinby Ms.Báby
Every girl says they want a older man because they know what they want and don't play around. But some are a chase and some aren't meant to be caught. So here's your t...
Killer Instinct  by mstinkerlover
Killer Instinct by RaeS
He took her in when she had no one else and turned her into his personal trained killer. What happens when she wants more then a mentor but also a lover....
Tough Love by pettibratz
Tough Loveby maiya. (my-yuh)
Aya Weathers is a hardworking, talented, aspiring songwriter who prefers to put her goals before her personal life. Christopher Brown is a stubborn, rude singer who has...
RAMPAGE (August Alsina x Zendaya) by ShaChief
RAMPAGE (August Alsina x Zendaya)by ShaChief
From the Beginning she thought there was only two choices Change Him or Get sucked into his Lifestyle Now she sees there's only one option Surviving his RAMPAGE
Sex Love(Chris Brown Love Story) by cravinurban
Sex Love(Chris Brown Love Story)by Moon Child🌙 ✨🌔
Meliah was happly engaged to the man she thought she was in love with until she met Chris,It started off as a one night mistake but ended up being something more.......
Open • On Hold by vrsceaura
Open • On Holdby vrsceaura
Everybody deserves a second chance... "Do you got me way too open to be open?"