I like it Rough (Princeton)

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Hey loves!! I wanted to give a very mindless shoutout to IPhillips852 and Ayee_itsTay. I swear they comment and vote on every story. Fans like y'all are the reason I love writing 💋💋. Also thanks to the rest who also read and vote ❤️. Soooo let me stop talking and give y'all whatcha waiting for 😏😏 Enjoy loves!!

Prince's POV

I grabbed (Y/N) roughly kissing her. My hands entangled themselves in her hair while her fingers busied themselves with the buttons of my shirt. I paused for a moment to pull my now unbuttoned shirt off before returning to (Y/N). I greedily kissed the curve of her neck, allowing my lips gently pull at the skin. She shivered in pleasure, and I took the moment to slide her jeans off. Her legs wrapped my waist, pulling me in closer to her body.

I pulled away from her, tugging her shirt off. She lay there in her bra and panties staring up at me, her teeth gently nibbling on her bottom lip. I bent back down, allowing my teeth to gently pull on her earlobe. She grabbed at my shoulders, her body quivering in pleasure. My hands slipped into panties toying with her wetness. She squirmed underneath me, and I slowly inserted a finger.

"Papi, don't play with me," she panted, her eyes clouded with lust. I attempted to look at her innocently, and she frowned. "You know I like it rough."

Smirking, I kissed her. My teeth tugged at her bottom eliciting a moan from her while my finger pumped faster. She grinded against my hand, her eyes fluttering closed. Moving my head so that my lips her on her neck, I inserted another finger. I curved the two fingers upwards, stroking her G-spot. She arched her back, encouraging me to pump my fingers faster. Her legs shook as she climaxed, and I brought my fingers up to my lips running my tongue over them.

She grabbed my face, pulling me in for another kiss, her tongue mingling with mine. I pulled her panties off, not hesitating to remove my boxers as well. I slid Harvard into her, grinning when her legs tightened around me. I thrusted quickly, causing her scream out in pleasure. Her nails clawed at me back, and I threw one of her legs over my shoulders, hitting her from a different angle.

"Ahh, papi!" she screamed out loudly, her voice echoing off the walls.

Her hips moved in rhythm with mine, her head tossed back in ecstasy. Her whole body shook, and I felt walls tighten around me as she came. The force of her orgasm was enough to bring me to my climax as well, and the two of us lay there panting loudly. Her body was still shaking, causing me to smirk.

I allowed my lips to gently kiss hers, and I tightened my grip on her legs when I felt her mouth move in sync with mine. When I pulled away, she pouted dramatically.

"Is that it?" she whined.

"Fuck nah," I responded, lying on my back. "I'm lettin' you be on top this time."

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