On Top (Prodigy)

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Sup chicà's 💁💁. I was in the mood for a late prodigy imagine 😩😩, so I wrote one!! I hope y'all enjoy 😘😘.

Ps: Listen to On Top by trey songz while reading this 😏😏


Your POV:

You sighed plopping onto your bed after a long day at work. "Baby, how was your day," Prod questions slipping into the room in only a pair of sweatpants. By the look on your face he could tell you had had a rough day. "Don't worry I'll fix it." He strode over to the bed and slipped off your heels. You slowly began to relax as Prod's smooth hands caressed your feet. He silently moved to your shoulders gently slipping off your shirt. He then began massaging your shoulders. Small moans escaped your mouth as he began kissing your neck down your shoulders.

You crawled on top of him as he helped undo the buttons on your shirt. As you unhooked your bra, you watched Prodigy's face light up with delight. He gently began caressing your breasts as you ran your fingers along his bare chest. You slowly began grinding into his waist watching him bite his lip. He was craving you and couldn't hold it in anymore. He ripped off your skirt as you slide down his pants and boxers.

You positioned yourself on top of him and began bouncing on top of him rocking your body forward and backwards until you found your favorite spot. You couldn't contain your moans.

"Mhmm, yeah baby," you panting speeding up your pace. You could feel Prod's warm breath against your skin as his tongue explored your surface. Unable to keep up your pace, you let Prod take control finishing what you started. He immediately began thrusting hitting your G-spot just right making you moan out in ecstasy. You came instantly and a few strokes later Prod followed.

As you lied on the bed panting you couldn't help but smile. Prod wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you close wrapping the sheets around the two of you.

"I love it, when you're on top," he smiled admiring your now sweated out hair. You rested your head in the crook of his neck slowly tracing his abs.

"But next time you can be on top," you grinned looking up at him. He gently lowered his lips to yours kissing you sweetly. "I love you, Prod," you smiled.

"I love you too, (Y/N)."

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