Make up part two

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Hey guys I'm the new co-writer for this story ad this is my first chapter on wattpad so bare with me




"But were not done yet" he said. He then climbed on top of you and left kisses along your jawline. He stopped for a moment and looked into your eyes. All you could see was lust,love, and regret. He began to kiss you passionately as you wrapped your legs around his waist.. He stopped and stood up.

"y/n I'm really sorry..... I didn't mean to let any thing get like this and if I could go back in time and take it back I would" he pleaded to you. "But Diggy you can't take it back, now can you....... didn't think so" you said back to him. "I know that and I'm sor-" "Enough with the sorry's diggy I'm sick of hearing sorry its not gonna work this time actions speak louder than words and you obviously showed me what you want to you wanted to do so jus-" "That's right actions speak louder than word so let show you how sorry I am".

He then began to take his clothes off. Once he was fully naked he walked over to you and grabed you by your waist and pulled you close to him. He then picked you as his lips crashed in to yours. You wrapped your legs around his waist and he brought you to the bed. He laid you down and spread your legs and slid into you. "Mmmmhmmm diggy" you moaned as he thrusted in and out of you.

You then flipped him over and started to ride him. "Ahhhh fuck y/n...... just like that" he groaned. He placed his hands on your hips guiding you. "Ahhhhh Diggy I'm bout to cum" you moaned. He then flipped you over and started pounding you. "Mmmmhmmm" you said as you both reached your climax. He then collapsed on the bed next to you and pulled you close to him. "y/n I love you so much and I'm sorry I hope you forgive me and I promise this wont happen again.... do you forgive me?" "Yes I forgive you just don't let it happen again......and don't think I'm gonna let you off this easy we're gonna have a discussion tomorrow......and I love you to goodnight"



Well guys that's it tell me how I did I hope you like also go check out the story me and Taellor are writing ' Lust,love, and abuse (Diggy&Khalil love/hate story)'

bye guys


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