The Fan Girl (Part 1)(Roc Imagine)

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Hey y'all! I'm one of the new co-writers ! I'm @chasync14 but y'all will see ❤chasee❤ on a story if I wrote it! so I'll give y'all the first part and if you like it vote and comment for the next! ✌

Pulling up to the crowded auditorium your heart is twerking in my chest. Your first mindless behavior concert and you feel like you might explode. The anticipation of seeing them perform in person is just killing you. Princeton's afro bouncing around the stage , Ray's braids flying when he turn and just seeing ROC period. You thought he was a cutie when he was small with a pony tail but, that cut body and tattoo shows he's a grown man . A grown man that you want for my own. You Step out of your car, locking the black SVU and check yourself in the reflection. You smooth down your white tank top down tucked into your black skater skirt. Your purple painted toes wiggle as you look at them in your black sandals . Running your fingers through your dark brown curls you take a deep breath and walk into the auditorium. 


"Hey y'all its Princeton. What's up its ROC Royal. Its ya boy Ray Ray and we are MINDLESS BEHAVIOR"

The stage lights come up bringing your favorite boy group into your vision. Surrounded by screaming girls (including you) you start to dance to the music blaring through the speakers. The upbeat pop music flows through your body and explodes through your winding hips. Keep her on the low comes on and you can't help but watch ROC move on the stage. His chiseled body is already sweating and makes his muscles glow under the stage lights .Just looking at him your mind undresses him and your panties start to moisten. If you could just have him alone for one night , things would never be the same. Keep her on the low fades away and the lights dim to the front of the stage. #1 girl comes on and the crowd roars. The guys sit on the edge of the stage and look into the crowd.

"This song is older " Prince says

"But our search isn't " ray says.

ROC stands up and yells into the mic

"WHERE IS MY NUMBER ONE GIRL?!" . Every girl in the crowd screams and waves their hand except you. As roc scans the crown you feel your eyes lock with his and him exploring your soul.He stops looking and stares at you . You know its you. His look just makes you crave him and the lip bite he gives makes your legs weak. If he only knew.


That's just the first part! If y'all like it so far I will continue and it will get freaky ;) so vote , comment and let me know!


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