S&M (Prodigy)

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Hey loves!!! Sorry I'm so late updating 😩😩 forgive me or nahhhh? 😂😂 Well enjoy my mindless minions ✌️✌️✌️

Your POV

I stepped into the bedroom, kicking off my shoes. Prod sat on the bed, a half empty glass of wine resting in his hands. I could tell from his expression that he was thinking something over, and I walked over to him.
"You're late," he mumbled. He looked up at me, his eyes lighting up with mischief. As I folded my arms across my chest defensively, he knocked back the rest of the wine. "You're never late," he added. His hand captured my wrist in a firm grip, and he yanked me down so that I landed across his lap.
I eyed him warily, my eyes landing on the empty bottle of wine resting on the night stand. Had he really managed to polish off the entire bottle?
"Why were you late?" he slurred, his hands already tugging off my skirt.
Before I could even form a response, his lips landed on mine. His hand that wasn't preoccupied with removing my thong was gently holding the back of my neck. I allowed him to deepen the kiss before he flipped me over so that I was lying across his lap with my stomach on his thighs and my ass in the air.
"What was so important that you were late?" he questioned, his hands massaging small circles onto my ass.
"I was-"
My sentence barely even began before his hand came crashing down on me. My right cheek stung, but by the time I managed to twist my neck around to send him a hard glare, his hand was already back to making slow circles.
"You won't be late again, right?" he murmured.
His hand gently crept closer to my pussy, and I squirmed, already feeling my body yearn with anticipation. His fingers barely brushed against my clit, yet I was already panting. As he allowed his pointer finger to tease my wet entrance, I felt a moan slip through my lips.
Chuckling softly, he bent down so that his lips were by my ear. "Are you turned on?" he teased. His mouth captured my earlobe, his teeth gently tugging on the skin before his tongue rolled over the spot.
"Baby, don't tease me," I begged.
He tossed me onto the bed, sliding me down so that my ass was resting on the edge. Smirking, he crouched down in front of me, his tongue teasingly flicking out against my clit. My hands clawed at the sheets as he gently sucked on it, and I arched my back, a loud moan erupting from me.
Prod grabbed my legs, tossing them over his shoulders. His tongue attacked my clit, massaging it in every way possible while his fingers began to slowly tease my entrance. I screamed out in pleasure when two of his fingers pushed their way inside of me, slowly moving in and out.
"Baby," I screamed, my hips thrashing around wildly. The feeling of pleasure was rolling over me, and I could feel my orgasm building up. "Baby, I'm gonna cum."
"Not yet," he mumbled, disconnecting his lips from my womanhood. He looked up at me, smiling at the way my body was writhing in pleasure. "Are you gonna be late again?" he questioned, his tongue flicking my clit.
I arched my back again, whimpering loudly. "N-No."
"Good," he stated, proudly. He pulled his fingers out, then stood up, snatching the wine glass off the nightstand.
I sat up, still breathing heavily. "Babe, what the fuck?"
He shrugged. "You know what's up. Do it yourself," he stated flippantly. "Besides, the game is about to come on - don't look at me like that. We would've had a lot more time if you weren't so late."

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