The Fan Girl (Part 2) (ROC Imagine)

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"THANK YOU CHITOWN GOODNIGHT" we shouted and ran off stage. Another concert , done. I'm ready to just go chill .

"Boys get ready the fans are coming in" Keisha shouted. I take a deep long breath and paint on a smile. After the first few fans the smile becomes real. Some of these girls are super cool but I'm stuck on the one I seen in the crowd. How do you get hard by looking in a girls eyes ? She has to be extra bad for that to happen. Princeton shoves my shoulder. "I've got a surprise for ya lover boy" he laughs then winks at me .Ole weird ass nigga what's he talking about ? Before I could ask , she walks into the door. The same eyes from the performance tonight are the ones looking dead at me.

"Prince how did you find her" I whispered still staring at her .

"I got my ways" he smirked. "Hi what's ya name sweetie" he asked walking over to her.

"I'm Y/N" she almost whispers. Her brown face was blushing red . Y/N has a soft voice but a mean body. What I wouldn't do for that.

"What's up I'm ray" 2wice greets her. The hug he gives her is getting a Lil too close. I run up behind her and whisper I'm her ear "And I'm Double R". I see the chill bumps travel up her neck . I can see I'm her favorite .

"Why don't you come take a ride with us" I offer blowing on her neck. I know she wants it but shes looking kinda worried.

"Unless, you're scared?" I tease her.

Y/N's back straightens up and she stands taller.

"Not at all. Let's go" she struts toward the door.

"Well, are you coming? "

OK OK its not over .IM SORRY I like details (; but I need a name for Y/N it helps me write better. So if you wanna be the star of this Imagine .Be the first to vote AND comment on this chapter with your name and Rocs  real last name. Go quick , and maybe you'll be the fan girl .


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