Like a virgin (Princeton)

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Another tumblr imagine!!! Enjoy loves!! 💋💋


I'd been craving it all day. The thought gnawed at me with no clemency, reverberating through my mind as though it had no other place to be. The simple thought of the mindblowing bond that had only echoed through the bedroom twice, ached with need.
The drive home seemed to last forever, and the thought of entering my home and not taking "Not today, babe," for an answer, was a definite plan.
My husband, Jacob and I had been married for almost a year, and the lack of love making was growing me weary. Our demanding jobs yanked us away from the beautiful fastening, but no longer was I going to let that get in the way of things. I was taking him down tonight whether he wanted to or not.
His obsidian Camaro was already paused in the driveway, indicating his inhabit in our home. I retreated from my car, beeping it safe before breaking into the house.
From the quietness, I'd assumed Jake had already went to bed and had fallen asleep, like he normally did on late nights like these, but the slamming of the front door and the feeling of arms around me proved otherwise.
I felt myself being twisted around, and was soon faced with the caramel face and fixed, russet eyes I had grown used to, but always elicited a foreign alluring.
"I thought you'd never get home," his hungry, husky voice confessed before he crashed his lips to mine.
We didn't even attempt to go slow like we had previous times, but indulged into an alien roughness that turned me on quicker than any of his other tactics.
My fingers clenched at his hair as his tongue parted my lips, submerging itself into my mouth without permission but knowing it wouldn't have had to consult anyway.
He declined to leisurely unbutton my blouse, but instead ripped it apart, popping the buttons and discarding the attire, neither of us having use of it anymore.
His hands gripped the back of my knees, lifting my heeled feet and legs from the floor and wrapped them around his toned torso. He backed us into a wall, the pictures draping from their nails shaking from our rowdiness.
"A-ahh," I droned when Jacob's wet lips found the softened skin of my neck. He nipped at it with no mercy, promising a hickey that would have to be obscured with a coat of make-up the coming morning.
I felt his moist tongue trail to the swell of my cleavage, where he toyed his tongue on the skin that was available before biting each of my nipples lightly. I hissed at his ferociousness, but I didn't want him to stop.
He disregarded carrying me up the entire twenty-five steps to our bedroom, finding the couch suitable enough. We fell onto it, his heated body blanketing mine as his kisses tasted my lips again. "How'd you know I wanted to do it, tonight?" I inquired with a simper as Jacob's lips fell across my cheek.
His warm breath tickled my ear as he answered, "Great minds think alike, baby." My teeth clamped down onto my bottom lip seductively as his fingers hooked against the hem of my skirt, slipping it off to reveal an embroidered thong. I stifled a sharp inhale when I felt his finger run down my sheeted center.
His dark coffee eyes passed mine naughtily. The licking of my lips gave him the go ahead to have all of me, no questions asked and no concerns aboard.
He slid the darkened panties off, delicately moving them past my legs. "I don't know how I survived this long without all of this," he admitted, then gently began to kiss up my calf as he removed my heels. I ached for his damp touch, but knowing how stubborn my husband was, he'd go at his own pace despite my hurried pleas.
He ran his palms against my smooth legs, slowly placing them upon his shoulders as he leveled himself with his target. "You don't know how long I've wanted to do this," he told me before tasting in between my legs. My head immediately thew itself back as my hips moved in sync to his tongue's experienced movements.
"A-ah, yes baby," I whispered as he indulged in my sweet treat. I felt his tongue circle my my cl_t as his lips felt through my folds as if to find the inmost of its depthness. His chocolate eyes never left mine. My fingers clenched his silky curls once again, and I didn't let up on my grasp until I felt myself relieve of the pressure in my stomach.
He inhaled deeply as he rid me of my bodily cream. He stood up, licking his lips clean as he left me in a heap of deep breaths. I absolutely adored what he could do to my body. And this was only the beginning.
I eyed him carefully as h unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. He discarded his shirt, revealing his evident, caramel abs. The bulge in his boxers was in obvious need of release. "How bad do you want it, mami?" he wondered, glancing down at his package before returning his gaze to mine.
"I want it bad, baby."
That implement was all that was needed before he was inside of me. I gasped sharply and clawed at his shoulders. The tightness around his member was a clear indication we hadn't been involved in this department enough. But surely, that would change.
I let him advance in and out of me, and the uncomfortable clenching soon transformed into a relieveing pleasure. I let Jacob do any and everything to me. He led me on all fours. "A_s up, Y/N," he instructed. I readily obliged, and he resumed plowing himself back into me, causing me to grip the couch's arm as I moved back and forth to his thrusting.
The night proceeded in noise so loud I thought the neighbors would come knocking to tell us to tone it down, but everyone knew better than to interrupt a couple's love making.
I collapsed on Jacob's chest, both of our bodies melting in perspiration. "Damn, I needed that," he breathed, running his hands through my tired hair. I nodded, at the moment too exhausted to sound the least bit coherent.
When I found my voice, I asked, "How do you do that?"
"Do what, bonita?"
"How do you make it feel like my first time every time?"
I heard him chuckle. "I have my ways."
I almost asked him to go into depth of what those "ways" were, but that would only take away from the magic he was able to produce, the magic of making me feel like a virgin again, the lasting moment of the first time when you never thought a feeling could feel so good.

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