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Baby Grind on Me, relax ya mind and take us time on me, let me get deeper shawty ride on me^ Pleasure P sings seductive lyrics while you and Chres are basically making a video for it. You're sitting on his lap facing him while your lips battle for control. His large firm hands explore the  natural curves of your body and your fingers intertwined with his curls. His tongue is in your mouth, erratically  winding in sync with yours and making the room 3x hotter. "Hold on to me Y/N " chres  whispers in between breaths. Without breaking position you wrap your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck. You feel him moving his body to the foot of the bed when something round and hard pokes you. "Chres, your phone is poking me" You huff. "That's not my phone baby, you've awakened Roczilla,but you can't have him yet" he growls in a low sexy voice. Your face gets hot and you start to breathe deep. "Don't get worried, I told you I got this." Chres sits you at the foot of the bed and unbuttons your shirt to reveal large breast and hard nipples through your bra." I see  I'm not the one  excited " a sly grin spreads across his face and unhooks your bra to kiss and caress your chest. His lips peck around and on your nipples, bringing goosebumps to your skin and moans from your mouth.  Cures takes the tip of his tongue against your nipples and licks fast while sucking slow. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" You moan out. His sucking becomes harder as his hands pull down your pants and panties. Two fingers being to gently rub on your clit while his mouth is still making love to your nipples. "Chreeeesssss"  his pace quickened when you moan. His mouth leaves a trail of hot kisses from your chest back to your neck as his fingers leave your clit and he slides them inside of you. "Damn , You're already soaked" he gasps. His mouth departs from your neck and lands straight to your pussy. French kissing and sucking your clit while two fingers and still working inside of you. You open your legs wider and push his head deeper by reflex. You're craving his tongue inside of you . As if he hears your thoughts, chres pulls out his fingers and slides in his tongue.  The long pink muscle in his mouth greets your wet walls greedily , putting your legs around his neck for better reflex. His tongue game is amazing , stroking as a paddle in your deepest ocean. Your hand pushes and moves his head around, guiding his mouth to your sweetest spots. You bite down on your lip , riding the sexual mountains his tongue has you climbing." Ughhhhh babe" slurs out of your mouth. It's starting to feels so amazing.

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