Wrong Room (Roc Royal)

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"Chres, I should leave your ungrateful ass." I yelled.
"Shut up and leave then!" He shouted. "Damn, I got more hoes, I don't need you." He mumbled. "Oh so I'm a hoe? After all I've sacrificed for you, that's all you think I am, huh?"
"Yeah, if that's how you put it," he replied with his arms crossed over his chest. He walked out the door probably on his way to those hoes right now, for all I know. I held back my tears.
I ran up the stairs to our bedroom. I pulled out a bag and packed some of my clothes.
Chres, whatever you do is not any of my business anymore. So when you come back to your house, I'll be gone and back later to get the rest of my stuff. -Yn
I wrote this on a note and placed it on the fridge as I put my key on the counter. I left our- I mean his house.
"Catch you later Ray," I yelled, stepping out his car and walking to the door of Yn's and my house. To my surprise, the door was locked. "Yn, open up!" I yelled, banging on the door. I took out my key and opened the door. "Yn?" I called, concerned. I walked in and looked in the rooms. "Babe?" I asked, finally walking in the kitchen. I walked past a pair of keys on the counter and to the fridge to get a refreshment. Before I opened the door, something caught my eye. A paper was being held on the door by a magnet that also held a recent picture of me and Yn underneath the paper. I picked the picture and smiled as I reminisced about that Christmas. I put the picture back up, took the paper and my fears came true.
Chres blew my phone up as I lay on my side and cried.
"Yn, you know I ain't mean nothing,"
"I was being stupid,"
"Pick up your phone!!"
I read them, but didn't reply. The texts and calls finally ended with one suspicious message.
"You're going to regret this. I know where you are,"
I shivered, feeling unusually cold. I sat up and wiped off my face. I looked at the time on my phone, 12:05. If Roc knew I was in a hotel, he would've been here already, right? I decided to get myself together.
I got to the hotel. She had to be here. All her family lives in another, far away state...
I walked in the five-star hotel. "Last name August," I told the woman. She gave me a room card to the room Yn was in. I walked down the hall and entered the room. 12:10. I walked in the room and heard the shower running. I lay down on the bed, with my hands behind my head and my foot resting on the other, smiling at what I had in store.
I got out the shower and wrapped a towel around myself. I heard the tv running and had thought someone must've accidentally thought this was their room. I quickly slipped into one of the robes in the hotel's bathroom closet.
"Hello?" I asked as I stepped out the bathroom. I saw a silhouette of a man laying on the bed, the light from the tv reflecting on him. "I think you have the wrong room..." I said. The man looked at me as something rang a bell in my head. The way he laid was familiar. He got up and turned on the lights.
"Chres! Please get out," I said emotionlessly as he walked over to me. The expression on his face was angry, which frightened me. "You thought you could just leave me? Huh?" He asked, grabbing my arms. "Chres just leave me alone," I begged. His expression softened. "You don't want that, baby-"
"Don't call me that!" I snapped, hitting his chest. Chres looked at me angrily again, grabbing my arms and holding them against my chest. "You got my text?" He asked, with a devious smile. I looked at him, not responding. "Answer me, or you'll regret it..."
He squeezed my arms. I felt his fingers leaving marks on my softened flesh. He repeatedly tried to kiss my lips, but I turned my head each time. He finally went for my neck. I yelped as his teeth probed my sensitive skin. He started to attack it, biting and sucking at it. He finally took a tighter grip on my arms and threw me on the bed.
Before I could get back up, he climbed on top of me. He continued his assault in my neck and untied my robe, opening it up. He trailed his harsh, yet seductive, sucks and bites down my neck to my chest. He started to play with me sexually, making me unintentionally wet. "Chres, stop, please," I said in between breaths as he started to flick my clit gently with his finger. He sucked at my breasts, leaving hickies. He stopped and looked up at me. "Shut the hell up," he said, an then went back to his previous actions. "Chresanto!" I yelled seriously as I squirmed under his touch.
Once again, he stopped and got off the bed, undressing himself. I tried to pull the robe closed and get up, until his cold words stopped. "If you get up, I fucking swear..." He trailed off. I sat there on the bed, not wanting to find out what action would end his threat.
He was in his boxers, his defined v-line showing. He crawled on the bed, kissing up my legs, settling between my legs in front of me...
Would like me to fuck you, or make love to you?" I asked her, blowing on her warm, wet pussy. She shuddered as she looked at my actions. "Both? Alright." I said answering for her. I started to kiss all over her lips. I licked my lips and flattened my tongue, licking her lips slowly. I dipped my tongue in her a bit. Her chest heaved impatiently as she enjoyed my technique. I started to dip my tongue deeper as I licked repeatedly. I pointed my tongue and licked faster and harder. She moaned louder every time my hardened tongue touched her aroused clit. She grabbed the back of my head, looking down at me. I pulled away and lay on my back.
"Ride my face," I said to Yn, licking my lips. She did as she was told and climbed on top of me, straddling my hips. She kissed me before climbing her hips up my body. She held her pussy above my face as I held her hips. I pointed my tongue up and lowered her on my tongue. I relaxed my tongue and swam it around inside her slowly. She grinded her hips as I looked up at her. Her mouth hung open, her eyes closed. I smirked and started to go faster. She moaned loudly and tried to pull away. I grabbed her thighs tighter and pulled her back, opening her legs. "Chres! Please!" She yelled as she looked down at me, trying to pry hands away. I started to take long licks with my flattened tongue inside her, and flicking her clit. She let out a shriek as she orgasmed in my mouth.
I loosened my grip on her thighs as she climbed down from my face. She climbed down to the tent that had formed in my boxers. She pulled them back and my dick stood up at attention. She looked at me seductively. As she grabbed it, stroking me up and down. I bit my lip as we looked in each other's eyes. I flipped her over and positioned myself over her wetness. I penetrated her deeply, thrusting in short, quick moments. She moaned as I coaxed her.
"Y'know I ain't mean nothing, right?" I whispered as I buried my face in her neck. I thrusted in and out of her as she wrapped her arms and legs around me, us moving as one in the sheets. She kept moaning, and didn't answer me. I pulled away settling on my outstretched arms on either side of her head. I started to pound her, repeating what I said, "I said I ain't mean nothing!" I yelled. "Ok Chresanto!" She yelled back, reaching her climax once again. She lay there as I pulled out. "We not done. I also said I was going to make love to you, and fuck you. Now get your ass up on all fours, and let me hit that pretty little pussy..."

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