Birthday Sex (Prodigy)

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This to dedicated to the Birthday girl LPhillips852!!! HAPPY CAKE DAY BOO!!!

Your POV

Today was your birthday and you were ready to TURN UP. Your having a birthday bash at Club O2 and your were so excited. Your boyfriend Prodigy couldn't make it because he was on tour for 3 months, so that bummed you out a lot. It was 9:00 pm and you decided that it was time to get ready for the party. You showered, got dress, did your make up & hair. Surprisingly, there was a limo waiting for you when you got outside. It took you to the club and you got out. When you walked in, all the lights were off. "Wth!" You thought, looking around in complete confussion. The lights came on and your whole family and friends were there! You walked over to everybody and hugged them tight. Prince, Ray, and Roc were the last ones to get their hugs from you. Ray told you to turn around and look at the stage. There was Prodigy, with a mic in his hands. He brought the mic to his lips and spoke,

Prod: Can my lovely birthday girl come on stage with me. I have a surprise for her

You smiled happily and did as told and walkes up to the stage. He stares into your eyes while walking over to meet you halfway. You start to tear up because you missed him so much. He pulled you by your waist and hugged you. Tears streaming down your face like a waterfall while you embrace him more. You truly did miss his love and his presence to be with you. He pulled back and wiped your tears. Good thing your make up is waterproof. Yall walked to the center of the stage. He spoke again,

Prod: This girl right next to me is my life. She has been with me since we were kids and I don't think any other girl can replace her. She is one in a million and a genuine person. We're going to turn up on her birthday but first I want to give her gift #1. Im going to sing for her. It's called Forever. I hope yall like it!

Baby how bout we take the long way. So I can spend a lil longer by your side. Take off my shades, I wana see you. So I can stare a lil deeper in your eyes.....

"His voice is still the same, very angelic. He must really love me" you thought. The song was beautiful. He looked deeply into your eyes. He takes your hands in with his and reached into his pocket and pulled out a long black box and opens it. It was a beautiful diamond necklace! He puts it on your neck and hugs you.

Its 12:00 and the party is over. You enjoyed yourself. You saw family, old friends, and you have Prod. Couldn't ask for a better birthday. You and Prod drive home and he immediately takes you to your bedroom. You both kissed hard and passionately. He pushes you on the bed and ripped your dress off. "Prod that was my favorite dress" you wined. He just smirked and tore your panties off and dived head first into your sweet spot. He slowly flicked his tongue against your clit. You moaned over and over again slightly arching your back. He slid two fingers inside of you. "Ohhh ahhh Craig" you moaned. He pushed them in farther. "That's not my fucking name" he yelled. "Ughhhh DADDY yesss" you screamed loud and cummed on his fingers. Just as he was pulling out prodconda your daughter Paris knocked on the door. Prod kissed you and whispered "Imma take her to my moms house and when I get back I want that pussy dripping"

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!!!! Lmaooo but huge thanks to my co writer. She did the damn thing.

Taellor 💋💋

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