Scratchin' me up (Prince)

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Happy Halloween loves!! 🎃👻🎃👻🎃 Sorry it took me 2 months to update, I had a major ankle surgery and it's hard ya know? But I'm back!!! I'm homeschooled right now so I'll update more!! Well enough about me....Enjoy

Taellor❤️💋❤️ (tumblr)

Prince POV:

I dropped Y/N onto the bed, the assortment of neat sheets bound to be in a disarray by the time the night was through. I was too ready to beat it up. I'd endured an entire night out with her strict parents, and now, it was time for my reward.
My lips tugged hungrily at hers, the sweetness of lip gloss lingering on my tongue as it brushed her full lip slowly. I unbuttoned her blouse with an expert speed. She quickly shrugged out of the top attire, having no idea of how hard she got me by just the sight of her full breasts. I felt her hands travel beneath my shirt, running along my chest before returning back down to the bottom hem, lifting it from its normal place. I instantly obliged to her gesture, pulling my shirt over my head and tossing it to the side. She bit her lip as she eyed my toned chest and abs.
To involved with her admiring, she hadn't noticed I'd pulled down her skirt until a breeze blew passed her laced-coverlet of her area. Her eyes rose from their lowered place, catching my gaze. Go head, her dark orbs instructed. Play with me.
Taking advantage of her body's pleas, I let my hand sift down her the soft skin of her stomach until it reached the delicate stitching. Already, she jerked as my touch grazed teasingly through her rose panties, but her eyes desired for me to do it again, and to keep doing it.
I let my fingers probe her area gently, its wetness already evident through the material. She moaned, her fingers finding the back of my neck. She fought back the urge to begin her night of scratching already, letting her fingers run gravelly against the nape of my neck. I drew her panties from her legs, tossing it just as aimlessly as I'd done our other attire.
I chuckled at her eagerness before pressing my lips to hers, letting her fingers accompany me with relieving me of my pants. Having done the task, I felt Y.N's fingers move to the back of my head, clutching my curls. She mumbled against my lips, "F_ck me now, Jacob."
"I plan to go until you can't walk no more, girl," I murmured as my lips gliding to the crook of her neck. She hissed when I nibbled at the skin and when my hands came into contact with her warm thighs, locking them around my waist.
I entered her, instantaneously earning a yelp of readiness. She'd be damned if I stopped, to tease her. Any other night it would be a joy to see her angry, her fury was sexy. But tonight, she'd be the one begging me to stop.
"Jake ..." her voice wretched, and then I felt them, her nails along my back, marking my skin as she dragged them further. I dove into her harder, the thrusts so forceful that the headboard began to knock against the wall, taking on a steady beat; her moans my groans, and the wood against the wall making up the song of sex.
I breathed heavily against her body, letting my mouth descend to her collarbone, where I sucked it forcibly. I heard her suppress a moan, and her clench around my hardened member tighten, the impact of her manicured nails only encouraging me to completely paralyze her.

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