The Fangirl Part 3(ROC IMAGINE)

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I. Am. In. A. Hotel. Room. Alone. With. Roc.Royal. OH MY GOSH. The room is GORGEOUS, the boys really know how to live it up. The white walls are laced in golden trim and feels like it's glowing. You wander around the room looking amazed. "You don't share this with anyone?" You  ask roc who's right behind you . " Yeah. Walt decided we old enough to have our own space.  Like it? " he asks "I love it"  you respond. "I'm glad. You thirsty?  We've got plenty to drink"  he offers. "No thank you, I'm fine" You say and sit on the bed. "Yes baby you are" he smirked. He was wearing that seductive tone well and he knows it. "You seem so shy Y/N ,what you hiding?  The quiet ones are the biggest freaks." He says tracing his finger along your thigh. "I'm not hiding anything, what you see is what you get" confidently stating your lie. You slip out of your jacket and lay it on the chair. "Bullshit. You're cute, quiet, and called me Roczilla. You think I don't know about that?" He breathes into your neck.  "I know you want me, just admit it and let daddy take care of you". The words get smothered by his lips on your neck. Roc lays soft kisses along your neck and collar bone. His soft lips caress each spot they touch joined by the tip of his tongue. Every time they land somewhere New , you go deeper under his spell. Trying to steady your breathing a soft moan drifts from your lips into a quiet sound. "You shouldn't have done that"  roc smiles slyly. He stands up unbuttoned his shirt inch by inch revealing that carved body to your eyes. He takes  your hand and pulls you off the bed right in front of him. You have  to look up to him since he's a little taller but that just makes him even more sexy. He places your hand on his model like body , an invitation to touch his body as you please. You run your fingers along his abs tracing them one by one. Up to his pecs and along his muscular arms. You bite your bottom lip feeling yourself getting even more excited with every touch of him. "Let me show you what you need" roc softly moans in your ear. He wraps his arms around your waist and kisses you hard. His kiss is passionate, hungry, likes he's been waiting for you forever and your body responds right back. Your wrap your arms around his neck and slip your tongue into his gladly accepting mouth. His hands slide from your waist to Your ass grabbing and squeezing it. The hood in him is starting to show and you've got a thing for a young thug. Roc takes his lips from yours and greedily kisses down your neck, licking and softly biting on the way down. "Roc" you moan going weak under his kisses. "I'm not roc now baby that's for show. Chres is taking good care of this tonight."

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