First Time Swimmer (Roc and Chrisbrownwife1989)

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Hey loves, This imagine is by request. I hope you guys like it. Love y'all sexies!!!!!!

Roc's POV:

I swear everything she does drives me crazy. The way she licks an ice cream cone, or even the way her hips swing when she walks. We've been friends since diaper days, and at the age of 14 I knew I was in love with her. I would stroke her hair or grab her waist as I hugged her as signs to show her my feelings, but nothing worked. Now she's dating a guy named Chris and I hate him, partially because of jealousy and also because he doesn't treat her the way she deserves. Now we're 17 and my feeling are still strong and she's still with fuckboy.....I mean Chris. but today, all that is changing. Ill try- no I WILL make her mines.

"Santo.....SANTO!" I heard Nikki yelling my name as I came out of my daily trance of her. "Yes Princess?" I asked as I looked in her beautiful eyes. "I wanna get in the pool, Its hot as hell today" she stated as she gave me puppy dog eyes, I knew I couldn't tell her no. "alright baby girl, go put your swim stuff on" She jumped from her seat, kissing my cheek and ran upstairs. I smiled to myself knowing this is the way to my plan in action.

I quietly swan around the pool waiting on my princess to come out, as I turned my head to yell her name, there she stood in her sexy two piece bikini. Her toned thighs and ass showed leading to her perfect stomach and lastly her beautiful set of breast. I continued to stare at the work of art not noticing she was already in the pool with me.

Like always all we did were swim around and splash water on each other. As we continued to play I gripped her waist getting ready to dunk her until her round ass brushed against my semi hard erection. I could hear her gasp softly as we both froze in that position. I thought about moving her and act as if nothing happen but I went against it. I was sick of being afraid. I swan to the wall of the pool, turning her around and slammed my lips against hers. Soon regrets came into my mind, did I make a mistake? Should I have waited longer? But those thoughts erased from my mind as I felt her wrap her legs around me and kiss me back harder.

I gripped her ass hard, as I heard her gasp I shot my tongue into her mouth deepening the kiss. As of this point I wanted Chris to be the least of her worries so I pulled away, lifting her up and sat her on the edge in-front of me. I slowly pulled her bottoms off staring into her lust filled eyes. I pushed her back softly, gripping her thighs and ran my tongue across her clit. The sweetness of her wetness already had me hooked and I knew I needed more. I stiffened my tongue and continued to feast on her. Her constant moans and whines encouraged me to sped up. I slid my tongue as far as I could inside of her. Soon I felt her tighten and cum into my awaiting mouth. "Ohhh fuck S-Santo" I heard her stutter as she came down from her high.

Not wasting anytime I bent her over the pool sliding my extremely hard erection into her tight pusssy. Pushed her back in with one hand and gripped her hair with the other giving her slow but very deep strokes. "Shit right there Santo...r-right there" she moaned constantly. I pulled her hair back still stroking her ans whispered in her ear "This is my pussy Princess, I'm the last one that will ever touch it" I said in my demanding voice. " Yes daddy, its all yours" I heard her mumble trying to catch her breathe. I sped up constantly hitting her g-stop, soon her screamed as loud as her lungs would allow as she squirted all over my diick. I groaned as I filled her up with my hot seed. I soon stopped and kissed her ear. "you belong to me now Princess...Your all mines". She smiled looking back at me. "Okay daddy, I'm allll yours"

I know it wasnt the best but i tried 😫😫 I had two sets of twins to watch today😂😂.

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