Sex Room (Prodigy)

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What's up my peeps!! 💁💁 So I was thinking about Prod and I decided to make an imagine 😂. Lawwwwd he can practice his dance moves on me any day!! 😩🙌🙌. Wellllllll enjoy my loves 😘✌️✌️


Your POV:

You walked into the bedroom only to be immediately pulled into Prodigy's arms. His lips worked their way down from your jawline to your shoulder. You tilted your head to the side to allow him better access, and he slid your blazer off. The cold air made goosebumps rise along your skin causing you to cuddle in closer to your boyfriend.

He quickly removed the rest of your clothes before guiding you over to the bed. Once you were on the bed, he kissed you. Your hands were roaming all over his body, and he allowed his fingers to trail down your body.

"Can you handle this?" he asked playfully.

"You should be asking if you can handle me," you responded moving closer to him.

He smirked allowing you to flip in him over. His fingers interlaced with your as you mounted him. A small groan escaped his lips encouraging you to ride him faster. As your hips moved with his, he moved his hands so that he was holding your waist. Pleasure was shooting between the two of you, and you couldn't help the moans coming out of you.

Panting loudly, you clung to him unable to support yourself. "Prodigy," you moaned his name loudly. "Baby, I'm cumming!"

"Shit," he muttered grabbing your waist tighter.

You quickly climaxed collapsing on top of him. He allowed you a small second to rest before he flipped you over so he was back on top. You wrapped your legs around his waist grabbing the bed sheets as entered you. His pace changed from slow to fast causing you to scream out in pleasure.

"Damn, Tay," he grunted grabbing your thighs.

"Don't stop," you moaned in response. "Shit! Baby, don't stop!"

As he hit your G-spot, your legs tightened around him. He thrusted harder hitting you in places he hadn't hit before. You arched your back screaming out as he repeatedly hit your G-spot. His eyes closed as his movements grew more erratic. The two of you grabbed onto each other as you reached your climax. He quickly came hovering over you for an extra second before his lips met yours.

"How'd you like my sex room, Tay?" he asked you.

You lay on the bed looking at him as you struggled to catch your breath. "I think we need to do this more often."

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