Missing you (Ray Ray)

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I sat against the wall staring at my scrap book. It was filled with memories of me and my husband. From when we first met to bringing our son Rayan Jr home.
I felt hot tears sliding down my cheek on to the pages. Ray has been gone for a year battling in Iraq. I haven't talked to him in 7 months. Each day RJ asks about his father but I just don't have an answer.
As I began to break down even more I could hear heavy foot steps coming up the stairs. I knew it was probably my brother Justin coming to check on me. But as I looked at the door, there I saw him. Ray was standing there smiling at me in his army suit.
I covered my mouth, not knowing how to react. He picked me up and hugged me tight in his arms. I closed my eyes and took in his scent. He laid me back down and slowly stripped down. I slid my big shirt off knowing what was coming next. Soon our bodies were tangled together. Moans and gasp filled the room. Sweat being created on our foreheads. Lip biting, hair pulling and back scratching were being performed.
Ray had me against the wall. Pounding inside of me like it was his last time. "Ohhh Uhhh Rayyy" I moaned loud. He went even harder, showing that my moans were motivating him. We soon came together. Our bodies were one once again. We laid down not saying a word just staring into each other's eyes.
Letting the past events speak for their selves.

Sooo I know it's not as freaky, but I loved it!!! Luhhhhh you munckins

Taellor 💋💋

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